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Coaching Volleyball Beginners Drills & Games to Develop Basic Skills
ISBN: PB: 9781782552024, Bookport, Meyer & Meyer Sport, August 2020
168 pp., 24.1x16.5 cm, 206 colour illus.
Coaching Volleyball Beginners is a step-by-step guide for coaches that helps them teach youth beginner players how to play volleyball. With the various games, the coach can keep practice interesting for the players as they develop basic playing skill...
Peak Pursuits The Emergence of Mountaineering in the Nineteenth Century
ISBN: HB: 9780300231946, Yale University Press, August 2020
320 pp., 23.4x15.2 cm, 35 black&white illus.
European forays to mountain summits began in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries with the search for plants and minerals and the study of geology and glaciers. Yet scientists were soon captivated by the enterprise of climbing itself, e...
Kitesurfing From Dream to the Skies, How Two Brothers Defined a Sport
ISBN: PB: 9781782551683, Bookport, Meyer & Meyer Sport, June 2020
344 pp., 21x14 cm, illus.
Use the power of a kite to glide over the water. This was the relatively simple idea of the Legaignoux brothers when, in the 1980s, these two men from Brittany – who were passionate about sailing – decided to create an inflatable kite. From the first...
Micro-Workout Plan Get the Body You Want Without the Gym in 15 Minutes or Less a Day
ISBN: PB: 9781454934295, GMC Group, Sterling, June 2020
224 pp., 22.3x16.6 cm, illus.
Aesop was right: slow and steady does win the race. With almost three decades in the fitness industry under his belt, fitness guru Tom Holland coined a phrase that describes this strategy: excessive moderation. Science supports that approach; recent...
Hard Driving The 1908 Auto Race From New York to Paris
ISBN: PB: 9781602234024, University of Chicago Press, University of Alaska Press, May 2020
250 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 49 halftones, 1 map
In the winter of 1908, six cars left Times Square bound for Paris. They were embarking on a remarkable motor race across the world that would capture everyone's imagination. In this book, Dermot Cole weaves a thrilling account of the improbable journ...
Penalty Kick The Psychology of Success
ISBN: PB: 9781782551942, Bookport, Meyer & Meyer Sport, May 2020
134 pp., 21.5x14 cm, illus.
Penalty kicks play a significant role in determining the outcome of a match. Because of this – and because they don't happen in every game – fans, media, and even athletes and trainers are fascinated by penalty kicks. Over the past 30 years, there ha...
Guide to Peril Strait and Wrangell Narrows, Alaska
ISBN: PB: 9781602234000, University of Chicago Press, University of Alaska Press, April 2020
150 pp., 25.4x20.3 cm, 6 maps, 5 charts, 10 halftones
Learning how to pilot a ship through Wrangell Narrows and Peril Strait is not an easy matter for a vessel operator new to the area, or even for those with experience. It takes time, patience, and a certain appetite for risk. The older generation of c...
Krav Maga: Combat Mindset & Fighting Stress How to Perform Under Alarming and Stressful Conditions
ISBN: PB: 9781782552031, Bookport, Meyer & Meyer Sport, April 2020
256 pp., 24.1x16.5 cm, 300 colour illus.
Originally developed as an elite fighting tactic for the Israel Defense Forces, today Krav Maga has become a popular self-defense method, appealing to government units, martial artists, and even the average person. This innovative Krav Maga book depi...
Soccer Alive The Game Is the Best Teacher
ISBN: PB: 9781841262352, Bookport, Meyer & Meyer Sport, April 2020
192 pp., 24x16.5 cm, 114 colour illus., 196 black&white illus.
Soccer is a game that requires the player to be quick not only in movement but also in decision-making. Everyday soccer training focuses on improving technical and tactical abilities and almost completely neglects to practice the ability to read the...
Anatomy and Strength Training Without Specialized Equipment
ISBN: PB: 9781782551935, Bookport, Meyer & Meyer Sport, March 2020
152 pp., 27.5x21 cm, 408 colour illus.
Keeping in shape and showing off a toned body is not only an aesthetic advantage, but also a basic requirement for good health and total physical strength. The good news is that exercisers don't have to pump iron at a gym to achieve this! This is bec...