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  How to tell a great book from a good book?
              That's when you see someone reading a book
              you yourself have already read and you actually envy them, 

              cause they are yet to experience the pleasure of reading it,
              that's when you can say that book is more than just a book…

That was the idea behind this site and that is what drives us in everyday work. As representatives of English-language publishers, both academic and independent ones, we try to make the process of looking for books, ordering them and having them delivered as easy as possible for all bookstores, cultural and academic institutions as well as individuals from Central and Eastern European countries. The engine behind all that is our goal to make foreign literature more accessible and popular among readers.

We hope that this site will not only be a useful tool  for browsing through the wide book offer, but also a place where you will want to spend your coffee break during a busy day. A place the prime objective of which is not just to sell books, but also to promote them by serving as a source for information on culture and book-related events.


Ewa Ledochowicz
Kinga Jambroszczak