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Just the Job How Trades got their Names
ISBN: HB: 9781851245505, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2020
224 pp., 18.4x11.8 cm, 30 black&white illus.
What did a gongfarmer do? How is a chaperone connected to a bird of prey? What is the etymology behind cloud architect? And is there a link between secretaries and secrets? The story behind these (and many more) job titles is rarely predictable and...
Reynard the Fox
ISBN: HB: 9781851245550, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2020
464 pp., 20x14.5 cm
Reynard – a subversive, dashing, anarchic, aristocratic, witty fox from the watery lowlands of medieval East Flanders – is in trouble. He has been summoned to the court of King Noble the Lion, charged with all manner of crimes and misdemeanours. How...
Under the Red White and Blue Patriotism, Disenchantment and the Stubborn Myth of the Great Gatsby
ISBN: HB: 9780300228908, Yale University Press, July 2020
176 pp., 19.6x12.7 cm, 4 black&white illus.
Renowned critic Greil Marcus takes on the fascinating legacy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby". An enthralling parable (or a cheap metaphor) of the American Dream as a beckoning finger toward a con game, a kind of virus infecting artists of...
London City of Cities
ISBN: HB: 9781789142181, Reaktion Books, June 2020
256 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 110 illus., 60 in colour
City of cities, the modern world's first great metropolis, London has shaped everything from clothing to youth culture. It has a unique place in the world's memory, even as its role has changed from the capital of the planet to its playground, and as...
People's Porn A History of Handmade Pornography in America
ISBN: HB: 9781789142266, Reaktion Books, June 2020
256 pp., 20.8x15.6 cm, 99 illus., 70 in colour
"The People's Porn" is the first history of American handmade and homemade pornography, which offers the back story to the explosion of amateur pornography on the Internet. In doing so, it is a much-needed counterweight to the ahistorical and ideolog...
London's New Scene Art and Culture in the 1960s
ISBN: HB: 9781913107109, Yale University Press, June 2020
416 pp., 25.4x19 cm, 80 colour illus., 120 black&white illus.
In the 1960s, London became a vibrant hub of artistic production. Postwar reconstruction, jet air travel, television arts programs, new color supplements, a generation of young artists, dealers, and curators, the influx of international film companie...
Naked Truth Viennese Modernism and the Body
ISBN: HB: 9780226669984, University of Chicago Press, May 2020
328 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 43 halftones
Viennese modernism is often described in terms of a fin-de-sieclefascination with the psyche. But this stereotype of the movement as essentially cerebral overlooks a rich cultural history of the body. "The Naked Truth", an interdisciplinary tour de f...
ISBN: HB: 9781789141931, Reaktion Books, May 2020
216 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 100 illus., 90 in colour
What is it about the small fruits of field and wood that encourages rapture? These gifts of the earth – flagrant in hedgerows, carpeting the forest floor or colouring the uplands – are so ubiquitous as to be commonplace and so extraordinary that we h...
ISBN: HB: 9781789142051, Reaktion Books, May 2020
216 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 100 colour illus.
Drawing its allure from the gold of the sun and the rule of emperors, the chrysanthemum winds its way through ancient Chinese culture into the gardens of French Impressionist painters and onto the pages of American novels. The flower signifies both l...
ISBN: PB: 9781789142143, Reaktion Books, May 2020
208 pp., 19x13.5 cm, 40 colour illus.
What does it mean to be human? And what, if anything, does it have to do with being a member of the animal species Homo sapiens? This dazzling book gets to the very heart of our rather unscientific motivations and prejudices, showing how they are of...