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Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern China
ISBN: HB: 9780674987166, Harvard University Press, December 2018
380 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm, 21 line illus., 6 maps, 1 table
Popular operas in late imperial China were a major part of daily entertainment, and were also important for transmitting knowledge of Chinese culture and values. In the twentieth century, however, Chinese operas went through significant changes. Duri...
Bottle Fly
ISBN: PB: 9780300235012, Yale University Press, November 2018
88 pp., 22.9x14 cm
Set in a bar in the Florida Everglades, this biting, brutally funny multigenerational family drama concerns a Gulf Coast couple, their disabled young ward, two lesbian tenants, and the bonds that bind them all together. It is a powerful story born ou...
"Intricate Art of Actually Caring", and Other New Zealand Plays
ISBN: PB: 9780857423405, Seagull Books, November 2018
450 pp., 19x15.2 cm, 12 halftones
Theater in New Zealand began as a tool of the British Empire, imported along with Christianity, seeds, and other commodities as a way of acculturating the indigenous Maori population. In the decades since, it has been turned to different ends, and is...
Reflection And Other Plays
ISBN: PB: 9780857424945, Seagull Books, November 2018
320 pp., 19x15.2 cm
Celebrated Indian playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar has experimented with many forms of dramatic expression in a career that now spans more than four decades, producing works that range from the realist to the symbolic, expressionist to the theater of the...
Jerome Robbins A Life in Dance
ISBN: HB: 9780300197594, Yale University Press, October 2018
216 pp., 21x14.6 cm, 1 black&white illus.
Jerome Robbins (1918-1998) was born Jerome Wilson Rabinowitz and grew up in Weehawken, New Jersey, where his Russian-Jewish immigrant parents owned the Comfort Corset Company. Robbins, who was drawn to dance at a young age, resisted the idea of joini...
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Rosas 2007-2017
ISBN: HB: 9780300236873, Mercatorfonds, October 2018
256 pp., 33.5x24.1 cm, 200 colour illus.
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (b. 1960) is a renowned Belgian choreographer who over nearly four decades has created a legendary and internationally lauded oeuvre, a continuous exploration of the relationship between dance and music that borrows formal...
Who is Surfing Who Adam Linder
ISBN: HB: 9783791357904, Prestel Publishing, September 2018
164 pp., 19x13 cm, 70 colour illus.
This monograph surveys the work of the Los Angeles-based choreographer and dancer Adam Linder, whose nuanced and highly evocative work offers a critical reflection on the nature of live performance and the role of dance within museums. Every two yea...
Drama-based Pedagogy Activating Learning Across the Curriculum
ISBN: PB: 9781783207398, Intellect, February 2018
260 pp., 22.9x17.8 cm
"Drama-based Pedagogy" examines the mutually beneficial relationship between drama and education, championing the versatility of drama-based teaching and learning designed in conjunction with classroom curricula. Written by seasoned educators and bas...
Performing Utopia
ISBN: PB: 9780857423863, Seagull Books, February 2018
288 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 20 halftones
In her landmark study "Utopia in Performance: Finding Hope at the Theatre", Jill Dolan departed from historical writings on utopia, which suggest that social reorganization and the redistribution of wealth are utopian efforts, to argue instead that u...
Season in the Congo
ISBN: PB: 9780857424877, ISBN: HB: 9781905422944, Seagull Books, February 2018
168 pp., 20.3x12.7 cm
This play by renowned poet and political activist Aime Cesaire recounts the tragic death of Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of the Congo Republic and an African nationalist hero. "A Season in the Congo" follows Lumumba's efforts to free the...