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Stories under Occupation and Other Plays from Palestine
ISBN: PB: 9780857427472, Seagull Books, June 2020
288 pp., 19x15.2 cm, 14 halftones
Palestinian theater today is drawing increasing interest throughout the Arab world and beyond, as theaters and universities in the English-speaking world are becoming familiar with companies like the Freedom Theatre, Al-Kasaba Theatre, Ashtar, Al-Row...
Kaddish Pages on Tadeusz Kantor
ISBN: PB: 9780857427489, Seagull Books, May 2020
64 pp., 17.7x10.7 cm, 16 halftones
Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990) was renowned for his revolutionary theater performances in both his native Poland and abroad. Despite nominally being a Catholic, Kantor had a unique relationship with Jewish culture and incorporated many elements of Jewish...
Houdini The Elusive American
ISBN: HB: 9780300230796, Yale University Press, May 2020
232 pp., 21x14.6 cm, 27 black&white illus.
In 1916, the war in Europe having prevented a tour abroad, Harry Houdini wrote a film treatment for a rollicking motion picture. Though the movie was never made, its title, "The Marvelous Adventures of Houdini: The Justly Celebrated Elusive American"...
Rusalka A Lyrical Fairy-tale in Three Acts
ISBN: PB: 9788024643816, University of Chicago Press, Karolinum Press, April 2020
100 pp., 19x12.7 cm, 20 halftones
Not for sale in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic! Famous as the libretto for Antonin Dvorak's opera of the same name, Jaroslav Kvapil's poem "Rusalka" is an intriguing work of literature on its own. Directly inspired by Hans Christian And...
Dancing Odissi Paratopic Performances of Gender and State
ISBN: PB: 9780857425539, Seagull Books, March 2020
256 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm, 50 halftones, 22 facsimiles
Odissi holds iconic status as one of the eight classical dance forms recognized and promoted by the Indian government. This book traces the dance's transformation from its historical role as a regional artistic practice to its modern incarnation as t...
Ron Vawter's Life in Performance
ISBN: PB: 9780857425522, Seagull Books, March 2020
224 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm, 13 halftones
From 1974 to 1994, Ron Vawter was a staple of New York's downtown theater scene, first with the Performance Group and later as a founding member of the Wooster Group. "Ron Vawter's Life in Performance" is the first book focused on this incomparable a...
Understanding Theatre
ISBN: PB: 9780857426130, Seagull Books, March 2020
440 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm
Over the past three decades, theater studies has undergone a radical worldwide development and renewal. This happened through two different yet complementary paths: the first (North American in origin) led to the birth of the discipline of performanc...
Subversive Stages Reflections on Czech Theatre
ISBN: PB: 9788024639536, University of Chicago Press, Karolinum Press, January 2020
380 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 20 halftones
Not for sale in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic! The motto "Narod sobe" – "From the Nation to Itself" – inscribed over the proscenium arch of Prague's National Theatre symbolizes the great importance theater holds for the Czechs. It also...
mPalermu, Dancers, and Other Plays
ISBN: PB: 9780997228755, University of Chicago Press, Swan Isle Press, January 2020
220 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 8 halftones
Emma Dante's passionate and brutal plays stem from a need to confront important familial and societal realities in contemporary southern Italy. Her twenty-first century tales challenge stereotypes of the country and stage acts of resistance against t...
Choreographer's Score Fase, Rosas danst Rosas, Elena's Aria, Bartok
ISBN: PB: 9780300251296, Yale University Press, Mercatorfonds, January 2020
248 pp., 25.4x19 cm, 150 black&white illus.
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is one of the most prominent choreographers in contemporary dance. Her 1982 debut with Fase immediately attracted the attention of the international dance scene; since then, De Keersmaeker and her company, Rosas, have creat...