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Bodies Politic Disease, Death and Doctors in Britain, 1650-1900
ISBN: PB: 9781789142792, Reaktion Books, January 2021
368 pp., 19.8x12.9 cm, 137 illus.
In this historical tour de force, now available in B-format paperback, Roy Porter takes a critical look at representations of the body in health, disease and death in Britain from the mid-seventeenth to the twentieth century. Porter argues that great...
Loving Animals On Bestiality, Zoophilia and Post-Human Love
ISBN: HB: 9781789143102, Reaktion Books, October 2020
192 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 22 illus.
Sexual contact with non-human animals is one of the last taboos but, for a practice that is generally regarded as abhorrent, it is remarkable how many books, films, plays, paintings and photographs depict the subject. In this book renowned historian...
Diabetes A History of Race and Disease
ISBN: HB: 9780300228991, Yale University Press, September 2020
288 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 11 black&white illus.
Who is considered most at risk for diabetes, and why? In this thorough, engaging book, historian Arleen Tuchman examines and critiques how these questions have been answered by both the public and medical communities for over a century in the United...
Great Inoculator The Untold Story of Daniel Sutton and his Medical Revolution
ISBN: HB: 9780300241440, Yale University Press, August 2020
208 pp., 21x14 cm, 16 black&white illus.
Smallpox was the scourge of the eighteenth century: it showed no mercy, almost wiping out whole societies. Young and old, poor and royalty were equally at risk – unless they had survived a previous attack. Daniel Sutton, a young surgeon from Suffolk,...
ULTIMATE GUTFIXx How To Succeed Living A Plant Based Lifestyle
ISBN: PB: 9781760790059, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, July 2020
152 pp., 19x15.5 cm, black&white illus.
At last, a solution to gut issues, which becomes a lifestyle for the health of the human body and planet earth, all wrapped into one very interesting and informative read. Scott Mathias is a "self healed", upwardly mobile 60+ year old vegan chef and...
Virus in the Age of Madness
ISBN: PB: 9780300257373, Yale University Press, July 2020
128 pp., 20.3x12.7 cm
With medical mysteries, rising death tolls, and conspiracy theories beamed minute by minute through the vast web universe, the coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably altered societies around the world. In this sharp essay, world-renowned philosopher Be...
Yellow Demon of Fever Fighting Disease in the Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Slave Trade
ISBN: HB: 9780300215854, Yale University Press, June 2020
296 pp., 23.4x15.2 cm, 23 black&white illus.
As the slave trade brought Europeans, Africans, and Americans into contact, diseases were traded along with human lives. Manuel Barcia examines the battle waged against disease, where traders fought against loss of profits while enslaved Africans fou...
Conquest of Malaria Italy, 1900-1962
ISBN: PB: 9780300256468, Yale University Press, June 2020
304 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 32 black&white illus.
At the outset of the twentieth century, malaria was Italy's major public health problem. It was the cause of low productivity, poverty, and economic backwardness, while it also stunted literacy, limited political participation, and undermined the arm...
Heredity under the Microscope Chromosomes and the Study of the Human Genome
ISBN: PB: 9780226685113, ISBN: HB: 9780226685083, University of Chicago Press, May 2020
272 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 36 halftones
By focusing on chromosomes, "Heredity under the Microscope" offers a new history of postwar human genetics. Today chromosomes are understood as macromolecular assemblies and are analyzed with a variety of molecular techniques. Yet for much of the twe...
Merchants of Medicines The Commerce and Coercion of Health in Britain's Long Eighteenth Century
ISBN: HB: 9780226706801, University of Chicago Press, May 2020
280 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 24 halftones, 5 tables
The period from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century – the so-called long eighteenth century of English history – was a time of profound global change, marked by the expansion of intercontinental empires, long distance trade, and huma...