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Hiroko Mori Catalogue Raisonne
ISBN: PB: 9784434245619, Nippan IPS, June 2019
228 pp., 22.5x28 cm, 400 colour and black&white illus., language: Japanese
An ultimate monograph of renowned copperplate print artist, Hiroko Mori. Hiroko Mori (1942-2017) was a world-renowned copperplate print artist. In "Catalogue Raisonne", more than 300 works ranging from masterpieces to hidden pieces in her atelier ar...
John Singer Sargent The Complete Paintings Cumulative Index to Volumes I-IX
ISBN: HB: 9780300219203, Yale University Press, June 2019
144 pp., 30.5x24.8 cm, 2 black&white illus.
The cumulative index to "John Singer Sargent: The Complete Paintings" comprises two indexes covering the nine volumes of the complete catalogue raisonne: a comprehensive general index and an index of the titles of all the works by Sargent that have b...
Disraeli The Novel Politician
ISBN: HB: 9780300137514, Yale University Press, April 2019
288 pp., 21x14.6 cm, 1 black&white illus.
Lauded as a "great Jew", excoriated by antisemites, and one of Britain's most renowned prime ministers, Benjamin Disraeli has been widely celebrated for his role in Jewish history. But is the perception of him as a Jewish hero accurate? In what ways...
Chicago From Vision to Metropolis
ISBN: HB: 9781789140002, Reaktion Books, February 2019
208 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 100 illus., 60 in colour
Chicago has been called the "most American of cities" and the "great American city". Not the biggest or the most powerful; neither the richest, prettiest nor best – but the most American. How did it become that? And what does it even mean? At its h...
K9 Obedience Training Reliable Obedience for The Thinking Dog
ISBN: FLEXI: 9781550597912, Dog Training Press, February 2019
144 pp., 38.1x14 cm
Obedience is the foundation of any reliable, well-trained dog. Without obedience, working dogs are ineffective in operations and pet dogs can be annoying and possibly a danger to themselves or others. In K9 Obedience Training, veteran search and resc...
Thomas Wilmer Dewing: Beauty into Art A Catalogue Raisonne
ISBN: HB: 9780300219210, Yale University Press, January 2019
1056 pp., 31.1x24.8 cm, 637 colour illus.
Best known for his interiors and landscapes featuring beautiful women in artful poses and subtly related color harmonies, Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851-1938) lived and worked at the forefront of developments in modern American art. His paintings, which...
Edward Ruscha Catalogue Raisonne of the Works on Paper, Volume 2: 1977-1997
ISBN: HB: 9780300214666, Yale University Press, January 2019
450 pp., 29.8x24.1 cm, 1060 colour illus., 12 black&white illus.
Volume 2 of this exceptional catalogue raisonn project compiles the unique works on paper that Edward Ruscha (b. 1937) made between 1977 and 1997, the artist's midcareer period, during which he achieved international renown. More than 1,000 works are...