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Edward S. Curtis Events Beyond Words
ISBN: HB: 9783791357300, Prestel Publishing, June 2021
240 pp., 29x23 cm, 250 colour illus.
Featuring iconic and rarely seen images from the foremost photographer of North America's Native peoples, together with a rich selection of rare ephemera, this retrospective is an extensive and in-depth study of Edward Curtis's pioneering work. Edwa...
Michael Kenna Buddha
ISBN: HB: 9783791385082, Prestel Publishing, May 2020
192 pp., 28x24 cm, 100 black&white illus.
Michael Kenna is an English photographer, now based in Seattle, USA, best known for his black-and-white landscapes. More than 60 books and monographs have been published on his photographic work, including "Forms of Japan", "Rouge", and "Holga" (all...
Photographing Barcelona Tips on How to Get the Best Shots of the City
ISBN: PB: 9788416851645, Promopress, August 2019
160 pp., 22.5x16.3 cm, fully illustrated in colour
"Photographing Barcelona" is the essential book for photography-loving readers who are eager to discover the best tricks and techniques for photographing the city of Barcelona with professional results. Use of light and shadow, lighting at different...
John Beasley Greene
ISBN: HB: 9783791358468, Prestel Publishing, August 2019
176 pp., 26x24.8 cm, 130 colour illus.
Few figures in 19th-century photography remain as elusive and intriguing as John Beasley Greene (1832-1856). Over the course of an exceptionally brief career he created a body of photographs that were publicly admired by his peers and continue to cap...
Apollo's Muse The Moon in the Age of Photography
ISBN: HB: 9781588396846, Metropolitan Museum of Art, July 2019
192 pp., 22.9x22.9 cm, 150 colour and black&white illus.
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, "Apollo's Muse" honors the rich history of photographic representations of the moon, from rarely seen early daguerreotypes to contemporary video art. Engaging and accessible, the book explore...
Instafame Graffiti and Street Art in the Instagram Era
ISBN: HB: 9781783209835, Intellect, July 2019
200 pp., 22.8x17.7 cm, 52 halftones
"Instafame" charts the impact of Instagram – one of the world's most popular social media platforms – on visual culture in the mere eight years since its launch. MacDowell traces the intuitive connections between graffiti, street art, and Instagram,...
Critical Eye Fifteen Pictures to Understand Photography
ISBN: PB: 9781783209842, Intellect, June 2019
180 pp., 22.8x22.8 cm, 80 colour plates
"The Critical Eye" provides a comprehensive approach to the critical understanding of photography through an in-depth discussion of fifteen photographs and their contexts – historical, generic, biographical, and aesthetic. Lyle Rexer argues that by c...
Hello Panda Cake
ISBN: PB: 9784862562340, Nippan IPS, June 2019
162 pp., 21x27 cm, 250 colour and black&white illus., language: English / Japanese
The second installment in a collection of photographs of adorable giant pandas. "Hello Panda Cake" features over one hundred photos of pandas from Japan and China. These photos capture many giant pandas who currently reside in Wakayama Adventure Wor...
ISBN: HB: 9784909044143, Nippan IPS, June 2019
127 pp., 25.7x36.4 cm, 50 colour and black&white illus., language: English / Japanese
The collected works of Nagi Yoshida. Nagi Yoshida was attracted by the Massai people when she saw them on television as a five-year-old. Now, twenty years later, her stunning images of the Massai people and other tribes show the beauty of their land...
Japan - Beautiful Landscapes Japan's Soul
ISBN: PB: 9784816357312, Nippan IPS, June 2019
176 pp., 18.2x23.2 cm, 180 colour and black&white illus., language: English / Japanese
See the true beauty of Japan in its gorgeous landscapes, and learn more about the Japanese spirit. Throughout the four seasons of the year you can see Japan's many displays of beauty: pink-tinged cherry blossoms, blue skies and lush greenery, fiery...