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Burning Women A Global History of Widow-Sacrifice from Ancient Times to the Present
ISBN: HB: 9781905422029, Seagull Books, November 2005
621 pp., 21.2x14 cm, 30 halftones
"Following into death" is an ancient and widespread custom which entails one or more people – voluntarily or involuntarily – following a dead man or woman into death. The event is ritualized as a public act. The decisive feature is not the manner of...
Chicago Guide to Collaborative Ethnography
ISBN: PB: 9780226468907, ISBN: HB: 9780226468891, University of Chicago Press, September 2005
216 pp., 23x15 cm
Collaboration between ethnographers and subjects has long been a product of the close, intimate relationships that define ethnographic research. But increasingly, collaboration is no longer viewed as merely a consequence of fieldwork; instead collabo...
First Peoples Indigenous Cultures and Their Futures
ISBN: PB: 9781861892416, Reaktion Books, February 2005
176 pp., 21x14.8 cm, 6 illus.
"First Peoples" argues, controversially, that far from disappearing in the face of global capitalism, indigenous cultures today are as diverse as they ever were. Rather than being absorbed into a uniform modernity, indigenous peoples are anticipating...