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Advanced Business Chinese Economy and Commerce in a Changing China and the Changing World
ISBN: PB: 9780300100501, Yale University Press, December 2003
360 pp., 25.4x20.6 cm
This is a business Chinese textbook for advanced learners of Chinese in which contemporary economic issues in China are addressed in depth. The goal of each lesson is to help students develop their language skills in a dynamic and communicative conte...
Art of the Twentieth Century A Reader
ISBN: PB: 9780300101447, Yale University Press, December 2003
352 pp., 23.4x16.5 cm, 40 black&white illus.
This is a companion volume to a series of four books about 20th century art. Each book can be read independently and is accessible to the general reader. However, as a series they form the main texts of an Open University third-level course, "Art of...
English Shops and Shopping An Architectural History
ISBN: HB: 9780300102192, Yale University Press, November 2003
336 pp., 28.5x24.5 cm, 150 black&white illus., 100 colour illus.
Shoppers in England from medieval times to the 21st century have experienced the multifarious delights of open market places, high-street shops, department stores and covered markets. Beguiled by attractive merchandise, these shoppers have rarely hee...
Bath City Guides
ISBN: PB: 9780300101775, Yale University Press, November 2003
320 pp., 21.6x12.1 cm, 60 black&white illus., 120 colour illus.
This title is a comprehensive architectural guide to Bath, England's finest Georgian city. Full of new discoveries and lively descriptions of the city's notable buildings, the book features specially taken colour illustrations throughout and numerous...
Principles of Roman Architecture
ISBN: PB: 9780300102024, Yale University Press, November 2003
282 pp., 28.5x20.5 cm, 245 black&white illus., 39 colour illus.
Mark Wilson Jones explores how the architects of ancient Rome approached design. Drawing on new archaeological discoveries and his own analyses of Roman monuments, the author discusses how the ancient architects dealt with the principles of architect...
Evolution of English Collecting The Reception of Italian Art in the Tudor and Stuart Periods
ISBN: HB: 9780300102246, Yale University Press, November 2003
320 pp., 25.4x17.8 cm, 150 illus.
After a thorough survey of the background history of European collecting, focussing in particular on Italy's formative role in this phenomenon, Edward Chaney contextualises English collecting in the 16th and 17th centuries and draws together a collec...
After 9/11
ISBN: HB: 9780300101829, Yale University Press, October 2003
176 pp., 22.8x20.3 cm, 150 duotones illus.
In response to the attacks on America of 11th September 2001, photographer Nathan Lyons, known for his honest and often questioning depictions of American culture, has created a portfolio of images. Photographing in small towns and large cities, Lyon...
William and Lucy The Other Rossettis
ISBN: HB: 9780300102000, Yale University Press, October 2003
352 pp., 24.2x16.7 cm, 110 black&white illus., 30 colour illus.
The marriage of William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919) and Lucy Madox Brown (1843-1894) united two of the most resonant Pre-Raphaelite family names. Their passionate and ultimately tragic relationship provides a fresh perspective on 19th-century marria...
Dangerous Mind Carl Schmitt in Post-War European Thought
ISBN: PB: 9780300196498, Yale University Press, October 2003
306 pp., 21.6x14 cm, black&white illus.
Carl Schmitt (1888-1985) was one of the twentieth century's most brilliant and disturbing critics of liberalism. He was also one of the most important intellectuals to offer his services to the Nazis, for which he was dubbed the "crown jurist of the...
Signs of the Artist Signatures and Self-expression in American Paintings
ISBN: HB: 9780300097795, Yale University Press, September 2003
216 pp., 25.4x20.3 cm, 47 colour illus., 108 black&white illus.
Signatures are unique and often reveal something of our individual personalities. In this book, John Wilmerding explores the unconventional use of signatures in paintings. The author focuses on American artists who have not simply signed their works...