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Japanese: The Spoken Language Part 2
ISBN: PB: 9780300041880, Yale University Press, July 1988
448 pp., 28x21.5 cm
This second book of "Japanese: The Spoken Language" continues a course in modern spoken Japanese that teaches current usage through drills and functional exchanges. The series is entirely romanized. Accompanying audio and video materials are availabl...
Fife Buildings of Scotland
ISBN: HB: 9780300096736, Yale University Press, January 1988
480 pp., 21.6x12.1 cm, 64 illus.
Fife's most famous buildings include Dunfermline Abbey, with its sturdy Norman nave; St Andrews cathedral, the focus of the old University town on the North Sea coast; the foursquare post-Reformation kirk at Burntisland; the palace of Falkland, where...