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Manhood in the Making Cultural Concepts of Masculinity
ISBN: PB: 9780300050769, Yale University Press, July 1991
272 pp., 20.8x13.6 cm
In this cross-cultural study of manhood as an achieved status, the author finds that a culturally sanctioned stress on manliness – on toughness and aggressiveness, stoicism and sexuality – is almost universal, and deeply ingrained in the consciousnes...
London, Volume 3: North West Buildings of England
ISBN: HB: 9780300096521, Yale University Press, January 1991
808 pp., 21.6x12.1 cm, 64 illus.
This comprehensive architectural guide encompasses three centuries of metropolitan growth, spanning an area from Georgian St. Marylebone and the riverside terraces of Chelsea and Chiswick to Heathrow Airport and the outer fringes of Middlesex. Indivi...