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Real Economy Essays in Ethnographic Theory
ISBN: PB: 9781912808267, University of Chicago Press, HAU, January 2020
230 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm
This collection highlights a key metaphor in contemporary discourse about economy and society. The contributors explore how references to reality and the real economy are linked both to the utopias of collective well-being, supported by real monies a...
Reciprocity and Redistribution in Andean Civilizations The 1969 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures
ISBN: PB: 9780997367553, University of Chicago Press, HAU, September 2017
170 pp., 27.9x21.6 cm, 14 colour plates, 3 maps
John V. Murra's Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures, originally given in 1969, are the only major study of the Andean "avenue towards civilization". Collected and published for the first time here, they offer a powerful and insistent perspective on the Andea...
Relative Native Essays on Indigenous Conceptual Worlds
ISBN: PB: 9780990505037, University of Chicago Press, HAU, March 2016
412 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 3 figures
This volume is the first to collect the most influential essays and lectures of Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. Published in a wide variety of venues, and often difficult to find, the pieces are brought together here for the first time in a one major vol...