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Idol Structures Sculptures and Photographs by Matt Siber
ISBN: PB: 9780985096014, DePaul Art Museum, March 2016
50 pp., 22.8x30.5 cm, 20 colour plates
"Idol Structures" accompanies an exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum of recent photographs and sculptures by Chicago-based artist Matt Siber, whose work explores the systems of corporate and mass-media communication that permeate the urban landscape....
Rooted in Soil
ISBN: PB: 9780978907495, DePaul Art Museum, August 2015
28 pp., 25.4x20.3 cm, 16 colour plates
Eco and environmental art can highlight the primal importance of natural resources for human life and the need to be responsible environmental stewards. This catalog for a recent exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum explores one particularly undervalu...
Liminal Infrastructure The Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio
ISBN: PB: 9780985096007, DePaul Art Museum, August 2015
16 pp., 21.6x26.7 cm, 12 colour plates
Led by artists Lauren Bon, Richard Nielsen, and Tristan Duke, the Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio is a team devoted to exploring and expanding the photographic medium. Working with the Liminal Camera, a massive, portable camera obscura fashio...
Ink, Paper, Politics WPA-Era Prints from the Needles Collection
ISBN: PB: 9780978907488, DePaul Art Museum, October 2014
90 pp., 27.9x20.3 cm, 20 colour plates, 45 halftones
The Works Progress Administration gave federal financial support to a wide range of artistic projects during the Depression, from fiction to fine art. Of all these forms, however, the printmaking supported by the WPA is perhaps the one of most enduri...
We Shall Photographs by Paul D'Amato
ISBN: HB: 9780978907471, DePaul Art Museum, January 2014
102 pp., 25.4x20.3 cm, 47 colour plates
In "Barrio", photographer Paul D'Amato turned his lens to the largely Mexican-American Chicago neighborhoods of Pilsen and the Little Village, capturing their residents' homes and lives in multifaceted, dynamic images of weddings and graffiti artists...
Nature Drawings of Peter Karklins
ISBN: PB: 9780978907457, DePaul Art Museum, August 2012
64 pp., 28x20 cm, 1 colour plate, 34 halftones
The German-born, Chicago-based Latvian artist Peter Karklins creates small, pencil-and-paper drawings that capture the processes and energies just below the surface of all human life. The complexity of his organic forms is matched by the artist's met...
Re: Chicago
ISBN: PB: 9780978907433, DePaul Art Museum, February 2012
86 pp., 29.5x19.8 cm, 29 figures, 41 colour illus.
For over a century the Chicago art community has struggled to define itself in relation to other urban art centers. While prominent American artists past and present have had strong connections to Chicago, many left to make their reputations elsewher...