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Terrestrial Protected Areas of Madagascar Their History, Description, and Biota
ISBN: HB: 9782953892390, University of Chicago Press, Association Vahatra in Antananarivo, April 2019
1716 pp., 29.8x20.9 cm, Set of 3 volumes, 804 figures, 392 tables
In 1989, a book written by Martin E. Nicoll and Olivier Langrand was published on the protected areas of Madagascar, which heralded in a new era of conservation for this island nation. In the subsequent three decades, there was an important increase...
Les Amphibiens du Nord de Madagascar
ISBN: PB: 9782953892376, University of Chicago Press, Association Vahatra in Antananarivo, March 2019
355 pp., 20.9x14.6 cm, 327 colour plates
The island of Madagascar hosts a large number of frogs with at least 315 described species, and many others still to be named. Northern Madagascar is rich in species, due to the heterogeneity of landscapes, including a large number of habitat types a...