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Antoni Gaudi Ornament, Fire and Ashes
ISBN: PB: 9788493923167, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, April 2016
236 pp., 20.9x15.8 cm, 95 colour plates, 113 halftones
Juan Jose Lahuerta's "Columns of Smoke" series offers bold new readings of modernity and its key figures while redefining the connections between architecture, ornamentation, and the portrayal of both in print media. The third volume focuses on the S...
Cornerstone The Birth of the City in Mesopotamia
ISBN: PB: 9788493923174, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, October 2015
106 pp., 21x15.8 cm
Taking us back to the earliest days of cities – and the earliest days of human civilization – in Mesopotamia, Pedro Azara in "Cornerstone" offers a contemporary view on the rise and growth of early cities and urban culture. Investigating ruins and ex...
Georgii Krutikov The Flying City and Beyond
ISBN: PB: 9788493923181, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, October 2015
160 pp., 21x15.8 cm, 10 colour plates, 90 line drawings
In 1927, while a student of architecture at the Moscow Vhutemas, Georgii Krutikov presented a vision for a flying city. More than just a flight of architectural fancy, Krutikov's flying city was a utopian dream, a plan to solve the seemingly intracta...
On Loos, Ornament and Crime Columns of Smoke: Volume II
ISBN: PB: 9788493923150, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, September 2015
112 pp., 21x15.8 cm, 56 halftones
In his Columns of Smoke series, Juan Jose Lahuerta takes on the enormously ambitious task of re-reading modernity, offering us fresh ways of looking at it while drawing new links between the ideas of architecture and ornamentation, with a special foc...
Photography or Life / Popular Mies Columns of Smoke, Volume 1
ISBN: PB: 9788493923143, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, May 2015
160 pp., 20.9x15.8 cm, 40 colour plates, 104 halftones
"Columns of Smoke" is a four-volume collection. The first volume includes "Photography or Life" and "Popular Mies", which illuminate overlooked aspects of modern architecture and photography and reveal a more nuanced – and plausible – conception of t...
Situaciones Urbanas
ISBN: PB: 9788461183425, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, February 2015
120 pp., 27.9x15.2 cm, illustrated throughout
Santiago Cirugeda is an atypical architect placed on the verge of political activism and art. Far from a theorist, Cirugeda tests and implements his ideas directly on the ground. Over the past fifteen years, he has developed his work through meticulo...
ISBN: PB: 9788493923129, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, August 2014
178 pp., 20.3x15.2 cm, 12 colour plates, 28 halftones
Published in 1922 in Russian, Aleksei Gan's Constructivism was the first theoretical treatise of postrevolutionary Russia's emergent Constructivist movement. Fired with revolutionary zeal, it was unquestionably a declaration of war on traditional bou...
Enric Miralles from Left to Right (and without Glasses)
ISBN: PB: 9788461369348, University of Chicago Press, Editorial Tenov, August 2014
384 pp., 27.9x15.2 cm, 405 colour plates
A thoroughly unconventional monograph on the work of contemporary architect Enric Miralles, this book by acclaimed artist David Bestue combines the forms of essay, diary, notebook, and more to create a book that is simultaneously an analysis of artis...