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ISBN: PB: 9781780236414, Reaktion Books, September 2016
224 pp., 19.8x12.9 cm, 101 illus.
The fastest animal alive, the falcon deserves attention not just for the combination of speed, power, beauty and ferocity that has made it an object of fascination for thousands of years, but for the light it sheds on the cultures through which it ha...
Jimi Hendrix Soundscapes
ISBN: PB: 9781780235301, Reaktion Books, March 2016
224 pp., 21x14.8 cm
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame describes Jimi Hendrix as "arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music". He played at a time when electric amplification extended the scope of the guitar to three-dimensional, urban space. Bob Dyl...