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ISBN: PB: 9780913516317

Yale University Press

October 2020

224 pp.

24.8x17.1 cm

148 black&white illus.



Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Upper Huallaga Basin, Peru

This volume presents a new look at prehistoric settlement patterns in the Upper Huallaga Basin, Peru, from the Preceramic to the Late Intermediate Period. Though the political climate precluded investigations in this area after the 1960s, Matsumoto integrates all research from previous work in this region to provide a comprehensive description and interpretation of the culture-historical sequence, revealing a unique historical process characterized by a lack of regional integration. The appendices, compiled from unpublished 1960s site reports, are particularly important.

About the Author

Yuichi Matsumoto is an associate professor of the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences at Yamagata University, Japan, specializing in the emergence of complex societies in the Central Andes.