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Secrecy Silence, Power, and Religion
ISBN: PB: 9780226746647, ISBN: HB: 9780226746500, University of Chicago Press, January 2021
264 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 20 halftones
The powers of political secrecy and social spectacle have been taken to surreal extremes recently. Witness the twin terrors of a president who refuses to disclose dealings with foreign powers while the private data of ordinary citizens is stolen and...
Years Now
ISBN: PB: 9780578643441, University of Chicago Press, Missouri Historical Society Press, November 2020
90 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 12 colour plates, 30 halftones
The 2020 exhibition Harold Mendez: The years now presented a suite of existing and newly commissioned works – including photography, sculpture and sound – by visual artist Harold Mendez at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. Mendez's practi...
From Possession to Freedom The Journey of Nili-Nilakeci
ISBN: HB: 9789385932281, University of Chicago Press, Zubaan Books, March 2019
280 pp., 21.6x13.9 cm
The Tamil text "Nilakeci", published between the first and fifth centuries, deals with Jaina philosophy through the use of an unusual literary technique: retrieving a pey, or possessing spirit (usually a woman), from the folk tradition and casting it...
Distant Horizons Digital Evidence and Literary Change
ISBN: PB: 9780226612836, University of Chicago Press, March 2019
200 pp., 21.5x13.9 cm, 24 halftones, 4 tables
Just as a traveler crossing a continent won't sense the curvature of the earth, one lifetime of reading can't grasp the largest patterns organizing literary history. This is the guiding premise behind "Distant Horizons", which uses the scope of data...
More Than God Demands Politics and Influence of Christian Missions in Northwest Alaska, 1897-1918
ISBN: PB: 9781602232938, University of Chicago Press, University of Alaska Press, March 2016
328 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 7 halftones, 1 map
Near the turn of the twentieth century, the territorial government of Alaska put its support behind a project led by Christian missionaries to convert Alaska Native peoples – and, along the way, bring them into "civilized" American citizenship. Estab...
Information Now A Graphic Guide to Student Research
ISBN: PB: 9780226095691, University of Chicago Press, October 2015
128 pp., 25.4x17.7 cm
Every day researchers face an onslaught of irrelevant, inaccurate, and sometimes insidious information. While new technologies provide powerful tools for accessing knowledge, not all information is created equal. Valuable information may be tucked aw...
Disabled Theater
ISBN: PB: 9783037345245, University of Chicago Press, Diaphanes, June 2015
288 pp., 20.9x13.3 cm, 30 halftones
Celebrated as an outstanding conceptual dance piece on the one hand and harshly criticized for being a contemporary freak show on the other, "Disabled Theater" by Jerome Bel and Theater Hora polarizes the public. In either case, the production raises...
Jewish Soul Food Traditional Fare and What It Means
ISBN: PB: 9781611685015, University of Chicago Press, Brandeis University Press, May 2015
224 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm
Jewish traditional foods often have symbolic meanings. A Passover matzo is a taste of Egyptian slavery. The Hanukkah latke reminds us of the little jug of oil that burned, miraculously, for eight nights. Noshing hamentaschen at Purim, we remember the...
Pure Intelligence The Life of William Hyde Wollaston
ISBN: HB: 9780226245737, University of Chicago Press, Synthesis, May 2015
424 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 37 halftones, 32 line drawings, 10 tables
William Hyde Wollaston made an astonishing number of discoveries in an astonishingly varied number of fields: platinum metallurgy, the existence of ultraviolet radiation, the chemical elements palladium and rhodium, the amino acid cystine, and the ph...
Comparing Apples, Oranges, and Cotton Environmental Histories of the Global Plantation
ISBN: PB: 9783593500287, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, August 2014
272 pp., 22x14 cm
Worldwide, plantations are key economic institutions of the modern era. From an environmental perspective, they are also the settings for some of the most powerful, consequential, and frequently destructive modes of production ever to have existed. T...