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Edward S. Curtis Events Beyond Words
ISBN: HB: 9783791357300, Prestel Publishing, June 2021
240 pp., 29x23 cm, 250 colour illus.
Featuring iconic and rarely seen images from the foremost photographer of North America's Native peoples, together with a rich selection of rare ephemera, this retrospective is an extensive and in-depth study of Edward Curtis's pioneering work. Edwa...
52 Assignments Exposure
ISBN: HB: 9781781454428, GMC Group, Ammonite Press, May 2021
128 pp., 21x14 cm, colour illus.
"52 Assignments: Exposure" is a mission brief, a portfolio of photographic workshops, a personalised journal and an inspirational guide to putting the creativity back into your craft. It is filled with a year's worth of weekly commissions and concept...
Equivalents Photographs by Scott Mead
ISBN: HB: 9783791386553, Prestel Publishing, April 2021
128 pp., 24x24 cm, 126 colour illus.
In "Above the Clouds", Scott Mead contemplated the endless horizons outside of a plane's window. Now he turns his gaze back to earth, where the view is just as extraordinary. Inspired by William Eggleston, Mead's former teacher, this series of paired...
Graciela Iturbide
ISBN: HB: 9788417047696, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, March 2021
292 pp., 24.8x21.8 cm, 188 colour and black&white illus.
Graciela Iturbide (Mexico City, 1942) is the most recognized photographer in Latin America and the only in the region to hold the Hasselblad Photography Award. The succes of his visual language probably lies in a special sensibility, a great visual e...
Guardians of Memory
ISBN: HB: 9788417048594, Prestel Publishing, La Fabrica, March 2021
196 pp., 28x22 cm, colour and black&white illus.
"Guardians of Memory" explores the tradition of the Panzudos Mercedarios, mystical creatures that every 22nd of September flood the streets of La Merced district in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico), announcing the festivities of Our Lady...
Photographing Barcelona Tips on How to Get the Best Shots of the City
ISBN: PB: 9788416851645, Hoaki, March 2021
160 pp., 22.5x16.3 cm, fully illustrated in colour
"Photographing Barcelona" is the essential book for photography-loving readers who are eager to discover the best tricks and techniques for photographing the city of Barcelona with professional results. Use of light and shadow, lighting at different...
Mastering: Lighting & Flash Photography The Definitive Guide for Photographers
ISBN: PB: 9781781454190, GMC Group, Ammonite Press, March 2021
176 pp., 24.8x24.8 cm, colour illus.
Light is at the heart of photography and plays a fundamental role in creating successful images. Not only does light affect brightness, but it also determines tone, mood, atmosphere, texture, colour and luminosity. "Mastering: Lighting & Flash Photog...
Complete Book of Photography
ISBN: PB: 9781781453780, GMC Group, Ammonite Press, March 2021
448 pp., 22.5x22.5 cm, colour illus.
This new edition of the comprehensive photographer's manual covers every aspect from concept and capture through to post-production and print. Fully updated with information on modern innovations such as drones and GoPro, it provides detailed instruc...
Davos Is a Verb A World in Disruption
ISBN: HB: 9783037786482, Lars Muller Publishers, February 2021
192 pp., 30x23 cm, 120 illus.
Since the last financial crisis, a new practice has emerged in Davos: During to the World Economic Forum WEF, the main street is being temporarily rebuilt almost throughout. Freestanding pavilions are being constructed for events organized by compani...
In the Limelight The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Club Culture in the 90s
ISBN: HB: 9783791386812, Prestel Publishing, November 2020
224 pp., 28x23.5 cm, 200 colour illus.
Eichner was a fixture of 1990s New York City nightlife and served as both its official and unofficial photographer in an era before cellphones and selfies. In this book, readers go beyond the velvet ropes and into the spaces that witnessed some of th...