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I Swear I Saw This Drawings in Fieldwork Notebooks, Namely My Own
ISBN: PB: 9780226789835, ISBN: HB: 9780226789828, University of Chicago Press, December 2011
176 pp., 22x14 cm, 30 halftones
"I Swear I Saw This" records visionary anthropologist Michael Taussig's reflections on the fieldwork notebooks he kept through forty years of travels in Colombia. Taking as a starting point a drawing he made in Medellin in 2006 – as well as its capti...
Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes Second Edition
ISBN: PB: 9780226206837, University of Chicago Press, November 2011
320 pp., 23x15 cm
In "Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes", Robert M. Emerson, Rachel I. Fretz, and Linda L. Shaw present a series of guidelines, suggestions, and practical advice for creating useful fieldnotes in a variety of settings, demystifying a process that is ofte...
Gwich'in Athabascan Implements History, Manufacture, and Usage According to Reverend David Salmon
ISBN: PB: 9781602231443, University of Chicago Press, University of Alaska Press, November 2011
202 pp., 28x21.5 cm, 73 halftones, 43 line illus.
The most detailed and well-illustrated study of material culture for any northern Athabascan language group to date, "Gwich'in Athabascan Implements" reproduces pre- and early post-contact tools that are historically important to the Athabaskan peopl...
Peoples on Parade Exhibitions, Empire, and Anthropology in Nineteenth-Century Britain
ISBN: HB: 9780226700960, University of Chicago Press, October 2011
392 pp., 25.5x18 cm, 117 halftones, 18 colour illus.
In May 1853, Charles Dickens paid a visit to the "savages at Hyde Park Corner", an exhibition of thirteen imported Zulus performing cultural rites ranging from songs and dances to a "witch-hunt" and marriage ceremony. Dickens was not the only Londone...
Accompaniment Assembling the Contemporary
ISBN: PB: 9780226701707, ISBN: HB: 9780226701691, University of Chicago Press, October 2011
248 pp., 22x14 cm
In this culmination of his search for anthropological concepts and practices appropriate to the twenty-first century, Paul Rabinow contends that to make sense of the contemporary anthropologists must invent new forms of inquiry. He begins with an ext...
Inconstancy of the Indian Soul The Encounter of Catholics and Cannibals in Sixteenth-century Brazil
ISBN: PB: 9780984201013, University of Chicago Press, Prickly Paradigm Press, September 2011
108 pp., 18x11.5 cm
In the mid-sixteenth century, Jesuit missionaries working in what is now Brazil were struck by what they called the inconstancy of the people they met, the indigenous Tupi-speaking tribes of the Atlantic coast. Though the Indians appeared eager to re...
Cultural Transfers in Dispute Representations in Asia, Europe and the Arab World since the Middle Ages
ISBN: PB: 9783593394046, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, September 2011
300 pp., 22x14 cm
Our conception of cultures and cultural change has altered dramatically in recent decades: no longer do we understand cultures as isolated units; rather, we see them as hybrid formations constantly engaged in a multidirectional process of exchange an...
Cultural Evolution How Darwinian Theory Can Explain Human Culture and Synthesize the Social Sciences
ISBN: PB: 9780226520445, ISBN: HB: 9780226520438, University of Chicago Press, September 2011
280 pp., 23x15 cm, 2 tables, 11 line illus.
Charles Darwin changed the course of scientific thinking by showing how evolution accounts for the stunning diversity and biological complexity of life on earth. Recently, there has also been increased interest in the social sciences in how Darwinian...
Ahtna Travel Narratives A Demonstration of Shared Geographic Knowledge among Alaska Athabascans
ISBN: PB + CD: 9781555001056, University of Chicago Press, University of Alaska Press, August 2011
143 pp., 27x22 cm, 22 maps, 23 halftones
Among the world's foremost pedestrian foragers, the Ahtna tribe possesses a profound system of geographic knowledge that has facilitated travel and spatial cognition in Ahtna and other Athabascan languages. Shedding light on a number of precise lands...
PB + CD:
Tales of the Field On Writing Ethnography, Second Edition
ISBN: PB: 9780226849645, University of Chicago Press, July 2011
232 pp., 21.5x13.9 cm
For more than twenty years, John Van Maanen's "Tales of the Field" has been a definitive reference and guide for students, scholars, and practitioners of ethnography and beyond. Originally published in 1988, it was the one of the first works to detai...