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Prestel Publishing



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Prestel Publishing

14-17 Wells Street
Londyn W1T 3PD

tel  44 20 7323 5004
fax 44 20 7323 0271

Prestel's impressive list of titles both in English and German puts it among the leading publishers in the fields of art, architecture, photography and design. It's a company that was founded back in 1924 and straight from the beginning set high quality as their priority, which is what gained them their reputation and brought them numerous publishing awards. Today the company has offices in New York and London, a headquarters in Munich and an international network of sales.

Prestel Publishing addresses its offer to art lovers and designer but also to all those with an eye for beauty – no matter the age. Its beautifully published books will undoubtedly please all those with an interest in visual culture.





Prestel Publishing distributes the following publishers:


  • Promopress
  • Lars Muller Publishers
  • La Fabrica
  • River Books
  • Figure 1
  • Editorial RM
  • Beatnik
  • Lettera Ventidue
  • Mapin