Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
Languages of Light A Creative Approach to Residential Lighting
ISBN: HB: 9781908967718, Artifice, September 2015
192 pp., 23x28 cm, 150 colour and black&white illus.
"The Languages of Light" is an inspirational and visual guide to the creative process of lighting the home. The philosophical and human-centric approach incorporates a journey through understanding light as a basic tool, unveils the emotional and phy...
HB: £29,95
Modern House
ISBN: PB: 9781908967725, Artifice, September 2015
160 pp., 23x28 cm, 211 colour and black&white illus.
With images of yet to be seen interiors and restorations, "The Modern House" illuminates the convergent characteristics of functionalism, truth to materials, flowing space and natural light within the Modern home as a space for living. These speciall...
PB: £29,95
Hot Modernism Queensland Architecture 1945-1975
ISBN: PB: 9781908967589, Artifice, August 2015
224 pp., 17x24.5 cm, colour and black&white illus.
This thematic presentation of the history of modernist architecture of queensland, Australia provides a fascinating case of the interrelation of climatic design and an aspiration for distinct cultural identity for a region. As international modernis...
PB: £24,95
Saw Swee Hock The Realisation of the London School of Economics
ISBN: PB: 9781908967527, Artifice, August 2015
144 pp., 23x28 cm, 100 colour and black&white illus.
The building is designed to embody the dynamic character of a contemporary Student Union. The complex geometries of the site provided a starting point for an unconventional arrangement of irregular floor plates, each one particular to its function an...
PB: £19,95
Shaping Change 25 Years of Urban Regeneration The Architecture and Urbanism of Stockwood
ISBN: PB: 9781908967602, Artifice, August 2015
128 pp., 23.9x23.9 cm, colour and black&white illus.
This book presents the values and achievements of Stockwool since the practice was founded by Julian Stock and John Woolstencroft in 1989. This period that also coincided with a long and deep recession during which investment in regeneration projects...
PB: £19,95
After Metropolis The Architecture and Design of Powell Tuck Associates
ISBN: PB: 9781908967497, Artifice, February 2015
192 pp., 23x28 cm, 170 colour and black&white illus.
"After Metropolis" features a selection of Powell Tuck Associates' key projects, from their first ground breaking work the Metropolis Recording Studios in London, which they won in 1989 to their most recent alterations and new buildings, including Bl...
PB: £19,95
Good Gardener? Nature, Humanity and the Garden
ISBN: PB: 9781908967459, Artifice, February 2015
306 pp., 20x25 cm, 280 colour and black&white illus.
"The Good Gardener? Nature, Humanity, and the Garden" illuminates both the foundations and after-effects of humanity's deep-rooted impulse to manipulate the natural environment and create garden spaces of diverse kinds. Gardens range from subsistence...
PB: £24,95
Stirling and Wilford American Buildings
ISBN: PB: 9781908967343, Artifice, February 2015
192 pp., 25x29 cm, 160 colour and black&white illus.
James Stirling and Michael Wilford realised a significant body of work during their partnership. Considered one of the most important international architectural practices of the twentieth century, Stirling and Wilford made an exceptional contributio...
PB: £19,95
Working in Architecture Jamie Fobert Architects
ISBN: HB: 9781908967305, Artifice, February 2015
208 pp., 22x27 cm, 237 colour and black&white illus.
Since its inception in 1996, Jamie Fobert Architects has had a reputation for innovative and inspiring design, including residential, commercial and cultural work. The practice has demonstrated a consistent approach to resolving the ambitions of the...
HB: £29,95
Writings on Architecture and the City
ISBN: PB: 9781908967541, Artifice, February 2015
304 pp., 23x28 cm, colour and black&white illus.
"Writings on Architecture" is an anthology of texts by George Baird, focusing on his on-going interest in planning and the built environment, something which is particularly manifest in his attention to the city of Toronto, where he is active in arch...
PB: £19,99