Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
Space and Place Elders Evans, David Shalev
ISBN: PB: 9781908967893, Artifice, May 2017
256 pp., 17.8x24.1 cm, colour and black&white illus.
"Space and Place" is the first monograph on the work of Evans and Shalev, one of the most significant architecture offices practicing in the UK over the last 50 years. Evans and Shalev have produced a notable body of work, including award-winning civ...
PB: £34,95
Studio 804 An Architectural Experience
ISBN: PB: 9781908967923, Artifice, May 2017
256 pp., 21x28 cm, 261 colour and black&white illus.
Founded in 1995 by Dan Rockhill, Studio 804 is a non-profit organisation and a full-year design studio for graduates that finds its momentum at the intersection of contemporary architecture's most topical concerns: sustainability, affordability and e...
PB: £29,95
Letters of Colin Rowe Five Decades of Correspondence
ISBN: HB: 9781908967534, Artifice, April 2017
560 pp., 25x28 cm, colour and black&white illus.
Legendary architect, historian and critic, Colin Rowe taught Architecture and Urban Design at Liverpool University, the University of Texas at Austin, Cambridge University and for another 30 years at Cornell. From the late 1940s through to the early...
HB: £29,95
Time of My Life In Architecture
ISBN: PB: 9781908967817, Artifice, April 2017
160 pp., 23x26 cm, colour and black&white illus.
"The Time of my Life in Architecture", by Robert Maxwell, Emeritus Professor, and formerly Dean of Architecture at Princeton, is a personal autobiographical journey through the post-war architecture world by one of its key protagonists. The book pres...
PB: £24,95
Bridging Centuries Pembroke College Oxford
ISBN: HB: 9781908967176, Artifice, March 2017
160 pp., 23x28 cm, 189 colour and black&white illus.
Oxford University has had a formative role in shaping the city's uniquely dense historic fabric. With increased demand for development and the neglect of abandoned, poor quality buildings – previously housing tanneries, breweries and slaughterhouses-...
HB: £19,95
Founding Myths of Architecture
ISBN: PB: 9781907317170, Artifice, March 2017
176 pp., 15.5x24.5 cm, 110 colour and black&white illus.
"The Founding Myths of Architecture" brings together the work of some of the most influential figures from architectural theory to discuss the significance of the artform in relation to the history of mankind, returning to the authentic roots from wh...
PB: £19,95
Building Stories Design Engine Architects
ISBN: PB: 9781908967855, Artifice, March 2017
160 pp., 23x28 cm, colour and black&white illus.
Buildings tell stories in many ways, and Design Engine Architects believe that architecture is the art of these stories. "Building Stories: Design Engine Architects" explores this idea through the work of the practice, giving a fascinating insight in...
PB: £24,95
Civic Ground Rhythmic Spatiality and the Communicative Movement between Architecture, Sculpture and Site
ISBN: PB: 9781908967848, Artifice, March 2017
160 pp., 17.8x24.1 cm, colour and black&white illus.
In "Civic Ground", Patrick Lynch traces the philosophical background to the work of his practice, Lynch Architects, one of the most interesting young architectural offices in the UK at the moment, raising wider ethical considerations about what it me...
PB: £24,95
Simon Conder Small Works
ISBN: HB: 9781908967930, Artifice, March 2017
208 pp., 24x30 cm, 180 colour and black&white illus.
"Simon Conder: Small Works" is the chronological, pictorial story of Simon Conder's architecture between 1993-2016. Conder trained in London at both the Architectural Association School of Architecture and the Industrial Design Department of the Roya...
HB: £34,95
Architecture and Beyond Procter-Rihl
ISBN: PB: 9781908967404, Artifice, February 2017
96 pp., 23x28 cm, 138 colour and black&white illus.
In a world dominated by hyper-specialisation, there are few architects that inhabit multiple areas consistently through their career. Procter-Rihl is a multidisciplinary studio that navigates between architecture, furniture, product design, exhibitio...
PB: £16,95