Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
Sustainable Architecture The Plan
ISBN: HB: 9788415967187, Promopress, June 2017
240 pp., 22.8x30.4 cm, richly illustrated
This book offers a visual and in-depth journey of the most innovative examples of sustainable architecture worldwide. From the most cutting-edge studios around the world, this book is a superb showcase of some of the sustainable architectural creatio...
HB: £32,00
Art of Folding Volume 2: New Trends, Techniques and Materials
ISBN: HB: 9788416504640, Promopress, March 2017
176 pp., 24.5x22.5 cm, richly illustrated
"The Art of Folding" presented a wide range of creators who are inspired by origami and whose work with various materials draws on traditional techniques. Drawing on examples from nature, this second volume focuses on folders' know-how as it applies...
HB: £24,99
Simplicity Graphic Design Elements Series
ISBN: HB: 9788416504527, Promopress, March 2017
240 pp., 21x27.9 cm, richly illustrated
The smaller the number of graphic elements, the stronger the impact of each element. From Mies van der Rohe to the Nordic and Japanese design schools, more and more designers have applied minimalism in their works to infuse them with a clear style, b...
HB: £34,99
Fashion Patternmaking Techniques: Haute Couture Volume 1
ISBN: PB: 9788416504664, Promopress, February 2017
256 pp., 21x29.8 cm, richly illustrated
High fashion unquestionably goes hand-in-hand with sartorial and stylistic perfection. A driving force behind the entire fashion and garment industry, it represents the search for new solutions concerning fabrics, style, or patterns. In this context,...
PB: £28,00
Shapes: Geometric Forms in Graphic Design Graphic Design Elements Series
ISBN: HB: 9788416504541, Promopress, February 2017
240 pp., 21x27.9 cm, richly illustrated
Geometric shapes are widely used by graphic designers and applied to all the fields of communication. The broad range of case studies featured in this book displays how familiar shapes can be transformed and used to convey new concepts and trends in...
HB: £34,99
Collage Therapy Snipping Away Stress!
ISBN: HB: 9788416504633, Promopress, January 2017
160 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, richly illustrated
This activity book combines fun and focus, entertainment, and mindfulness using collage techniques. It includes a brief history of collage and practical tips and ideas on how to cut and paste, draw and paint, and sew and stitch using paper and everyd...
HB: £12,99
Design for Screen: Graphic Design Solutions for Great User Experiences Graphic Design Elements Series
ISBN: HB: 9788416504565, Promopress, January 2017
240 pp., 21x27.9 cm, richly illustrated
A good screen layout addresses the relationship between fonts, colours, form and graphics for visual effects, and the balance between the flow of information and users' experience. The over one-hundred projects included explore how to produce functio...
HB: £39,99
Pattern Euphoria Graphic Design Elements Series
ISBN: HB: 9788416504558, Promopress, January 2017
240 pp., 21x27.9 cm, richly illustrated
This book includes patterns designed for textiles, stationery, interiors, and other products that have been created by international designers and that are inspired by plant and animal shapes, and geometric and abstract forms. In each chapter an inte...
HB: £39,99
Resourceful Artist Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Techniques
ISBN: HB: 9788416504626, Promopress, January 2017
120 pp., 21x25.7 cm, richly illustrated
An exploratory, artistic activity guide based around the infinite possibilities and techniques of collage and mixed media. Through ten different works produced using a wide variety of procedures, the book analyzes the process of creation step by step...
HB: £17,99
Fashion The Ultimate History of Costume. From Prehistory to the Present Day
ISBN: PB: 9788415967828, Promopress, November 2016
256 pp., 19x27 cm, richly illustrated
Fashion is one of the defining features of human evolution and culture. Spanning the first civilizations to today’s most recent trends, this book analyzes the importance and meaning of this intriguing area of human behavior. With an in-depth approach...
PB: £29,99