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1st Century Colour Palettes
ISBN: PB: 9780946311149, Casemate, February 2018
88 pp., 16.8x21.6 cm, 12 colour illus., 6 black&white illus.
The sources of pigments used in European painting are found in classical antiquity, 1st. century B.C. to 1st century A.D. The over 40 pigments in use were described by Vitruvius, Pliny the Elder and Dioscorides, complemented by 3rd century B.C. Theop...
PB: £15,00
2nd SS Panzer "Das Reich" Division
ISBN: PB: 9781612005256, Casemate, February 2018
192 pp., 17.8x25.4 cm, 100 illus.
The Das Reich Division was the most infamous units of the Waffen-SS. Hitler's Schutzstaffel (SS) units were originally paramilitary formations raised to protect the members of the Nazi party, and the Waffen-SS (the armed SS) was founded in 1934 as th...
PB: £19,99
Air Battles over the Baltic 1941 The Air War on 22 June 1941 - The Battle for Stalin's Baltic Region
ISBN: HB: 9781911512561, Casemate, February 2018
528 pp., 17x24.5 cm, 500 black&white photos, 28 tables, 14 maps, 111 colour illus.
This unique work is the first in a series of publications dedicated to the condition of the air forces of the Red Army prior to the Nazi invasion of 22 June 1941. The author describes in detail the composition and the capabilities of the Soviet a...
HB: £49,95
Battalions at War The York & Lancaster Regiment in the First World War
ISBN: HB: 9781912174058, Casemate, February 2018
264 pp., 15.6x23.4 cm, 20 black&white photos, 20 maps, 3 tables
The First World War is history; the last survivors of that conflict are now all dead. Three generations on, public perceptions of the war are formed from books, films and photographs. In the last two decades, revisionist historians have attempted to...
HB: £25,00
Battle of the Dnepr The Red Army's Forcing of the East Wall, September-December 1943
ISBN: HB: 9781912174171, Casemate, February 2018
272 pp., 17x24.5 cm, 3 maps
"The Battle of the Dnepr: The Red Army's Forcing of the East Wall, August-December 1943", details a critical period in the Red Army's advance along the southwest strategic direction during the general offensive that followed the fighting in the area...
HB: £45,00
By Fire and Bayonet Grey's West Indies Campaign of 1794
ISBN: HB: 9781911512608, Casemate, February 2018
208 pp., 15.6x23.4 cm, 12 black&white illus., 8 maps
There have been few books about Grey's glorious (but ultimately ill-fated) West Indies campaign in the early years of the long and terrible wars of 1793-1815, yet five of the subalterns in Grey's expeditionary force went on to command divisions in We...
HB: £25,00
Campaigns and Battles of General Nathan Bedford Forrest Kentucky to Chickamauga, 1861-1863
ISBN: HB: 9781611212846, Casemate, February 2018
312 pp., 15.2x22.9 cm, 58 maps, 2 images
Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of the most intriguing characters to emerge during the Civil War. There are no shortage of books and articles on the man and his generalship, with topics ranging from hero worship based on his extraordinary battlefield...
HB: £22,99
Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century Aircraft Carriers and Their Units in Detail
ISBN: PB: 9780997309225, Casemate, February 2018
256 pp., 21.1x27.7 cm, colour and black&white illus.
The modern aircraft carrier is without doubt one of the most exciting and hazardous operating environments in the field of warfare. The "flattop" is a symbol of global military power without parallel, and it remains a capability beyond reach of all b...
PB: £34,99
Chaco Air War 1932-35 The First Modern Air War in Latin America
ISBN: PB: 9781911512967, Casemate, February 2018
96 pp., 21x29.7 cm, 200 illus.
The Chaco War was probably the first "modern" conflict in Latin America where military aviation was widely used in all roles. Bolivia, as the reader will find out, had a very powerful military air force, but unfortunately for them and luckily for Par...
PB: £19,95
Combat History of 21st Panzer Division 1943-45
ISBN: PB: 9781912174140, Casemate, February 2018
520 pp., 17x24.5 cm, 80 black&white photos, 21 maps
For years, one of the most essential sources for study of the Normandy invasion was known only to a select few and nearly unobtainable even to those who knew of its existence. It has never before been translated. None of the major English language hi...
PB: £45,00