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Acting and Its Refusal in Theatre and Film The Devil Makes Believe
ISBN: HB: 9781783206681, Intellect, July 2017
202 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, 20 colour plates
Acting has traditionally been considered a form of pretending or falsehood, compared with the so-called reality or truth of everyday life. Yet in the postmodern era, a reversal has occurred – real life is revealed as something acted and acting is whe...
HB: £59,50
Drama-based Pedagogy Activating Learning Across the Curriculum
ISBN: PB: 9781783207398, Intellect, July 2017
260 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm
"Drama-based Pedagogy" examines the mutually beneficial relationship between drama and education, championing the versatility of drama-based teaching and learning designed in conjunction with classroom curricula. Written by seasoned educators and bas...
PB: £0,00
Ghostbodies Towards a New Theory of Invalidism
ISBN: PB: 9781783207800, Intellect, July 2017
108 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, 26 halftones
How is illness represented in today's cultural texts? In "Ghostbodies", Maia Dolphin-Krute argues that the illusive sick body is often made invisible – a ghost – because it does not always fit society's definition of disability. In these pages, she r...
PB: £0,00
Unbecoming Cinema Unsettling Encounters with Ethical Event Films
ISBN: HB: 9781783207756, Intellect, July 2017
232 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm
"Unbecoming Cinema" explores the notion of cinema as a living, active agent, capable of unsettling and reconfiguring a person's thoughts, senses, and ethics. Film, according to David H. Fleming, is a dynamic force, arming audiences with the ability t...
HB: £80,50
Choreographies Tracing the Materials of an Ephemeral Art Form
ISBN: PB: 9781783207664, Intellect, June 2017
256 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, 90 halftones
Choreographer Jacky Lansley has been practicing and performing for more than four decades. In "Choreographies", she offers unique insight into the processes behind independent choreography and paints a vivid portrait of a rigorous practice that combi...
PB: £28,50
Fan Phenomena Game of Thrones
ISBN: PB: 9781783207848, Intellect, June 2017
267 pp., 17.5x24.1 cm, 27 colour illus.
Winter is coming. Every Sunday night, millions of fans gather around their televisions to take in the spectacle that is a new episode of "Game of Thrones". Much is made of who will be gruesomely murdered each week on the hit show, though sometimes th...
PB: £0,00
Picturing the Cosmos A Visual History of Early Soviet Space Endeavor
ISBN: PB: 9781783207428, Intellect, June 2017
132 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, 128 colour plates
Space is the ultimate canvas for the imagination, and in the 1950s and '60s, as part of the space race with the United States, the solar system was the blank page upon which the Soviet Union etched a narrative of exploration and conquest. In "Picturi...
PB: £27,50
Towards a Praxis-based Media and Journalism Research
ISBN: HB: 9781783207459, Intellect, June 2017
160 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm
This volume brings together current scholarly debates about how to bridge the gap between theory and practice in media and journalism research. Drawing on work from media scholars and media practitioners that focuses on how both sides can work togeth...
HB: £61,00
Andras Visky's Barrack Dramaturgy Memories of the Body
ISBN: PB: 9781783207329, Intellect, May 2017
180 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, 20 halftones
Widely considered one of the most innovative voices in Hungarian theater, Andra?s Visky has enjoyed growing audiences and increased critical acclaim over the last fifteen years. Nonetheless, his plays have yet to reach an English-language audience. T...
PB: £25,00
Culture War Affective Cultural Politics, Tepid Nationalism, and Art Activism
ISBN: PB: 9781783207589, Intellect, May 2017
400 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm, 45 colour illus.
The culture wars – intertwining art, culture, and politics – have sparked prominent political debates across the globe for many years, but particularly in Europe and America since 2001. Focusing specifically on the experience of Denmark during this p...
PB: £0,00