Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
ISBN: PB: 9781784102166, Carcanet, July 2017
72 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
"Zoology" is Gillian Clarke's ninth Carcanet collection, following her T. S. Eliot Prize-shortlisted Ice. The collection opens with a glimpse of hare, whose "heartbeat halts at the edge of the lawn", holding us "in the planet of its stare". Within th...
PB: £9,99
ISBN: PB: 9781847771100, Carcanet, August 2010
80 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Zigzag: five sequences marks the welcome return of Anthony Rudolf – publisher, translator, autobiographer, essayist – to his first vocation, poetry. Apart from collaborations with artists, this is his first book containing poems for more than thirty...
PB: £9,95
Yves Bonnefoy Reader I: Poems
ISBN: PB: 9781784100759, Carcanet, December 2016
72 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
The definitive reader for one of the greatest living French poets and translators.
PB: £19,99
Your Name Here
ISBN: PB: 9781857545203, Carcanet, October 2000
80 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Everyone wants to subscribe to a deed of heroism, especially if the risks are largely imaginary. The headline announcing a daring deed; in the tourist shop a poster promising a spectacular, sun-drenched corrida, and there is a space between the legen...
PB: £7,95
You Have 24 Hours to Love Us
ISBN: PB: 9781905583263, Carcanet, April 2013
144 pp., 12.9x19.8 cm
Identity, in Guy Ware's confident debut collection, is a mercurial thing. Lawyers paint conflicting pictures of an alleged terrorist; a city trader decides, without warning, to walk out of her life; flirting lovers take role-play to a new, existentia...
PB: £7,95
Yellow Studio
ISBN: PB: 9781903039854, Carcanet, March 2008
96 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
"Yellow Studio", Stephen Romer's fourth collection of poems, returns to the erotic intensities of "Tribute" (1998), counterpointed by the rueful satire that comes with age and a disbelief at having reached 'mid-life'. In this many-angled book the poe...
PB: £9,95
Yellow and Blue
ISBN: PB: 9781847772053, Carcanet, February 2014
96 pp., 14x21.3 cm
The poems in this book form a series of small acts of attention, repeated attempts to step outside the circle of human concern and into a wider responsibility to the natural world. "To move among / crashing pines / is spacious / and exact". "Yellow &...
PB: £9,95
Wry-Blue Loves "Les Amours Jaunes" and Other Poems
ISBN: PB: 9780856463778, Carcanet, June 2005
480 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
The chronically invalid son of a robust sea-captain and novelist father, Tristan Corbiere (1845-1875) published one book of verse and was virtually unheard of in his lifetime. He is an informal formalist, delighting in clashing registers of diction a...
PB: £14,95
Wrong Angel
ISBN: PB: 9780900977145, Carcanet, June 1969
80 pp., 13x21 cm
This first book of poems was originally published in New York in 1966; the English edition appeared in 1969.
PB: £5,95
Worldly Country
ISBN: PB: 9781857549195, Carcanet, February 2007
128 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
John Ashbery's new collection speaks from the haunted, ambiguous cities of the twenty-first century. These are the landscapes of the worldly country we have created, both ominous and absurd. Perspectives dissolve into dazzle. The clock is ticking: we...
PB: £9,95