Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
ISBN: PB: 9781784106591, Carcanet, September 2018
64 pp., 16.9x24.2 cm
Receiving a call from the State Department that her daughter Pearl has been protesting global violence by chaining herself to a flagpole at the American embassy in Dublin and refusing to eat, liberal New Yorker and single mother Maria Meyers heads to...
PB: £9,99
Responsibility to Awe Second Edition
ISBN: PB: 9781784106553, Carcanet, September 2018
160 pp., 13.7x21.7 cm
Rebecca Elson was an astronomer. Her work took her to the boundary of the visible and measurable. "Facts are only as interesting as the possibilities they open up to the imagination", she wrote. Her research involved "dark matter" (hidden mass which...
PB: £9,99
Selected Poems
ISBN: PB: 9781784106478, Carcanet, September 2018
144 pp., 13.5x21.5 cm
John Heath-Stubbs was one of the defining poets of his age, a legendary performer (being blind, he recited even his major narrative poems from memory). This new selection by the young poet and critic John Clegg essentialises an abundant poet and cele...
PB: £9,99
ISBN: PB: 9781784106225, Carcanet, September 2018
220 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Chris McCully has translated the Anglo-Saxon Riddles. Now he takes on the greatest Old English epic, devising a highly expressive prosody, and providing a full introduction and rich up-to-date annotation.
PB: £14,99
Selected Essays
ISBN: PB: 9781784106263, Carcanet, September 2018
320 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
An annotated edition of selected essays by the major Victorian writer and aesthete Walter Pater. This volume brings together a generous selection of Pater's non-fiction writings on literature, art, history, philosophy and mythology, supported by a c...
PB: £18,99
ISBN: PB: 9781784106515, Carcanet, September 2018
144 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Sextus Propertius, the late Augustan poet, is best known today from Pound's famous "Homage", less translation than brilliant experiment. Patrick Worsnip's new versions rise out of the Latin and brilliantly recreate the poet's voice, his life and love...
PB: £12,99
Illuminations Second Edition
ISBN: PB: 9781784106638, Carcanet, September 2018
176 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Arthur Rimbaud's "Illuminations", first published in 1886, changed the language of poetry; in John Ashbery the book has a translator whose virtuosic originality brings Rimbaud's visions to life in English. The "crystalline jumble" of Illuminations, J...
PB: £12,99
Collected Poems
ISBN: PB: 9781784106676, Carcanet, September 2018
320 pp., 13.5x21.5 cm
George Seferis (1900-1971) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1963. Truthful and magical, his poetry has captivated both Greek and foreign readers. Aptly described by Charlotte Du Cann as "the unlocker of ancient stones and sea voyages", S...
PB: £25,00
Complete Poems Volume I: 1909-1939
ISBN: PB: 9781784106713, Carcanet, September 2018
600 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
PB: £25,00
Hotel Eden
ISBN: PB: 9781784106102, Carcanet, August 2018
64 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
In the spirit of a flaneur, the poet goes about her daily life in and around Paris, with an eye for the diversity of human experience in a great city. A new collection from award-winning Canadian poet Beverley Bie Brahic.
PB: £9,99