Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
Understand the Weapon, Understand the Wound Collected Writings
ISBN: PB: 9781784102487, Carcanet, March 2016
94 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
Born in 1915 in Cambridge, England, Rupert John Cornford was a committed communist who fought in defence of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War and was killed in uncertain circumstances at Lopera, near Cordoba in 1936. Though his life was tragically...
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ISBN: PB: 9781857546897, Carcanet, June 2003
112 pp., 13.7x21.6 cm
Five booklets that Ovid first penned now are three; he preferred to emend. So if we don't please you, at least we can ease you presenting two less to offend. Ovid (c. 43 BC-AD17), a daring, original and passionate poet, has been an enduring influenc...
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