Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
Understand the Weapon, Understand the Wound Collected Writings
ISBN: PB: 9781784102487, Carcanet, March 2016
94 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
Born in 1915 in Cambridge, England, Rupert John Cornford was a committed communist who fought in defence of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War and was killed in uncertain circumstances at Lopera, near Cordoba in 1936. Though his life was tragically...
PB: £9,99
Midnight Letterbox Selected Correspondence 1950-2010
ISBN: PB: 9781784100797, Carcanet, March 2015
456 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
One of the central figures of twentieth-century Scottish literature, Edwin Morgan was a prolific letter-writer. His correspondence, like his poetry, is wide-ranging, full of generosity and enthusiasm, and above all a testament to his lifelong commitm...
PB: £19,99
"Mari Magno", "Dipsychus" and Other Poems
ISBN: PB: 9781847772558, Carcanet, July 2014
144 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
"The true haunts of the poetic powers", Arthur Hugh Clough wrote to his friend Matthew Arnold, "are no more upon Pindus or Parnassus but in the blank and desolate streets, and upon the solitary bridges of the midnight city, where Guilt is, and wild T...
PB: £12,95
Poems, Stories and Writings
ISBN: PB: 9781847771599, Carcanet, April 2012
256 pp., 13.5x21.3 cm
Margaret Tait (1918-1999) was a pioneering filmmaker for whom words and images made the world real. In "documentary", she wrote, real things "lose their reality... and there's no poetry in that. In poetry, something else happens". If film, for Tait,...
PB: £14,99
Incorrigibly Plural Louis MacNeice and His Legacy
ISBN: PB: 9781847771131, Carcanet, January 2012
320 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
"Incorrigibly Plural" celebrates the diversity and vitality of Louis MacNeice's writing. Poets and critics illuminate the work of a writer whose achievement and influence is increasingly recognised as central to modern poetry in English. Contribution...
PB: £18,95
Ifs and Buts Personal Terms 5
ISBN: PB: 9781847771223, Carcanet, March 2011
224 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
June 1978: Frederic Raphael is in a studio for the dubbing of his television play "Something's Wrong", and a routine moment is captured by his wry alertness to vanities and foibles. "Ifs and Buts" continues the sharply stylish extracts from the journ...
PB: £19,95
ISBN: PB: 9781847771100, Carcanet, August 2010
80 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Zigzag: five sequences marks the welcome return of Anthony Rudolf – publisher, translator, autobiographer, essayist – to his first vocation, poetry. Apart from collaborations with artists, this is his first book containing poems for more than thirty...
PB: £9,95
ISBN: PB: 9781857549942, Carcanet, July 2010
152 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
The portraits in "Likenesses" attend to how people relate to one another. To settings and things. Husbands and wives, actors and directors, parents and children, a set-designer and his crew, a poet in his landscape, a professor among his books: here...
PB: £19,95
Pictures of War
ISBN: PB: 9781857549935, Carcanet, June 2009
160 pp., 21.6x13.5 cm
Mary Griffiths' knowledge of war began with her parents' stories and a suitcase full of black and white photographs taken by her father during his service in the Second World War. War remained family history and background news until she began to rec...
PB: £12,95
Ticks and Crosses Personal Terms 4
ISBN: PB: 9781857549300, Carcanet, November 2008
224 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
The fourth volume of Frederic Raphael's notebooks, "Ticks and Crosses" covers the years 1976 to 1978 with the sharp wit and provocative intelligence that made the earlier books an acclaimed success. Raphael observes the inner workings of film studios...
PB: £18,95