Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według wydawnictwa
Anvil New Poets, Volume 3
ISBN: PB: 9780856462832, Carcanet, May 2001
160 pp., 13.8x21.5 cm
The Anvil New Poets series has built up a reputation for introducing ground-breaking work from the best new poets. The first two volumes featured the first work published in book form by poets such as Kate Clanchy, Colette Bryce, Alice Oswald, Richar...
PB: £9,95
Poetry World, Volume 2
ISBN: PB: 9780856461842, Carcanet, July 1989
160 pp., 14x21.5 cm
"Poetry World" was the short-lived successor to the original series of "Modern Poetry in Translation". Contents: Stanislaw Baranczak: "Artificial Respiration" – translated by Chris Zielinski Sumerian Poems – Thorkild Jacobsen Amarusataka – Rahul Bon...
PB: £7,95
Collected Poems
ISBN: PB: 9781857548433, Carcanet, November 2005
96 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Chinua Achebe is one of the founding fathers of African literature in English, a writer of world stature whose novel "Things Fall Apart" is one of the essential works of the twentieth century. This "Collected Poems" draws on his three collections of...
PB: £9,95
Journey From Winter Selected Poems
ISBN: PB: 9781857548761, Carcanet, March 2008
223 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
Valentine Ackland is best known as the lover of poet Sylvia Townsend Warner, with whom she collaborated on "Whether a Dove or a Seagull" (1934). She was a distinguished poet in her own right, however, and enjoyed popular success during the 1930s. Con...
PB: £18,95
Restoration Bawdy Poems, Songs and Jests on the Subject of Sensual Love
ISBN: PB: 9781857546972, Carcanet, April 2003
144 pp., 13.5x21.5 cm
Sensual pleasure, gentle, violent or comic, is the theme of this anthology of seventeenth-century erotic writing. "Restoration Bawdy" brings vividly to life a "masquerading age". The book draws on high and low culture, and includes courtly poems and...
PB: £6,95
ISBN: PB: 9781784103125, Carcanet, December 2016
144 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
The poems of the author of "Le Grand Meaulnes" ("The Lost Domain") search for the lost Eden of pre-war Europe. His poems appear now in English for the first time.
PB: £9,99
Divine Comedy Hell, Purgatory, Heaven
ISBN: PB: 9780856462801, Carcanet, December 1996
448 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
Dante's masterpiece is a foundation stone of European poetry. It was a profound influence on T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, and in our own day has inspired Seamus Heaney. It is simple in style yet complex in its layers of meaning, episodic in manner yet...
PB: £14,95
Close to the Next Moment Interviews from a Changing Ireland
ISBN: PB: 9781847770486, Carcanet, September 2010
304 pp., 13.5x21.6 cm
In the first decade of the new millennium, Jody Allen Randolph interviewed twenty-two leading Irish poets, artists, fiction writers and playwrights to create a record of how the makers of a culture saw their country as it moved into a new era. Her ex...
PB: £18,95
Selected Writings
ISBN: PB: 9781857541182, Carcanet, October 1995
192 pp., 14x21.6 cm
Thanks to T. S. Eliot's "For Lancelot Andrewes: Essays on Style and Order" (1928), the name of the great divine (1555-1626) lives, but his work is little known. This selection, the first for many years, reintroduces Andrewes as a substantial, engagin...
PB: £11,95
Scattered Papers of Penelope New and Selected Poems
ISBN: PB: 9780856464010, Carcanet, July 2008
128 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
In Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke's poetry the body, myth, the soul, nature and language are deeply entangled concepts. Yet her poetry is passionate and direct: "I am not interested in distorting reality when I play with language". With translations by suc...
PB: £9,95