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First English Dictionary 1604 Robert Cawdrey's "A Table Alphabeticall"
ISBN: PB: 9781851243884, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
160 pp., 12.9x19.8 cm
Here is a real treat for lovers of English – the very first dictionary in our language. Contrary to popular opinion, this honour goes not to Samuel Johnson, whose definitive tome appeared in 1755, but to Robert Cawdrey, who published his "Table Alpha...
PB: £8,99
Heath Robinson's Home Front How to Make Do and Mend in Style
ISBN: HB: 9781851244447, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
136 pp., 12x18.5 cm, 125 black&white illus.
W. Heath Robinson is best known for his hilarious drawings of outlandish contraptions, though his work ranged across a wide variety of topics covering many aspects of British life. Collections of his drawings became so popular as to transform Heath R...
HB: £9,99
Hours of Marie De Medici A Facsimile
ISBN: HB: 9781851244072, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
352 pp., 13.7x20.4 cm, 45 colour illus.
At the turn of the fifteenth century, private devotionals became a speciality of the renowned Ghent-Bruges illuminators. Wealthy patrons who commissioned work from these artists often spared no expense in the presentation of their personal prayer boo...
HB: £150,00
How to Be a Good Parent
ISBN: HB: 9781851244386, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
96 pp., 8.8x11.5 cm, 10 black&white illus.
"To keep children clean is something that should never be attempted. It cannot be done". "The mere provision of the vegetable is not sufficient; it must be actually eaten". "If there is room enough for somersaults, the child can be satisfied". Man...
HB: £4,99
Penguin's Way
ISBN: HB: 9781851244270, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
48 pp., 19.9x26.2 cm, 23 colour illus.
"All over the snow plain the penguins begin to sing. The eggs are beginning to arrive". This is the story of the emperor penguins that live far away on the edge of a secret sea. During summer they are content with fishing, swimming and playing in th...
HB: £10,99
Ware's Victorian Dictionary of Slang and Phrase
ISBN: PB: 9781851244485, ISBN: HB: 9781851242627, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
288 pp., 12.8x19.6 cm
Acutely aware of the changes in English usage at the close of the Victorian era, the lexicographer James Redding Ware (1832-1909) decided to record for posterity new and archaic words and phrases from all walks of life, from the curses in common use...
PB: £9,99
HB: £25,00
Whale's Way
ISBN: HB: 9781851244287, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2015
48 pp., 23.2x20.3 cm, 23 colour illus.
"That is the way of the largest creature on earth. That is the whale's way". The humpback whales journey through polar seas, diving, spouting and leaping. As winter comes they swim through treacherous waters towards the warmer climate of the equator...
HB: £10,99
Magna Carta Origins and Legacy
ISBN: PB: 9781851243631, Bodleian Library Publishing, August 2015
160 pp., 21x25 cm, 40 colour illus.
Magna Carta is arguably the most famous document in world history. 2015 marks its 800th anniversary. Yet, until relatively recently, it was unknown how many versions of the document survive, the means by which they were distributed, or the relationsh...
PB: £25,00
Portraits of Shakespeare
ISBN: PB: 9781851244058, Bodleian Library Publishing, August 2015
128 pp., 17.3x22 cm, 40 colour illus.
Within Shakespeare's lifetime there was already some curiosity about what the writer of such brilliant poems, sonnets and plays looked like. Yet like so much else about him, Shakespeare's appearance is mysterious. Why is it so difficult to find imag...
PB: £14,99
Qur'ans Books of Divine Encounter
ISBN: PB: 9781851242566, Bodleian Library Publishing, July 2015
176 pp., 19x19 cm, 58 colour illus.
This book provides a unique visual history of the Qur'an using fifty-five rare, beautiful and significant Qur'an manuscripts. A general introduction guides the reader through the Qur'an's entry into the world of late near eastern antiquity, a world...
PB: £14,99