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Treasures from the Map Room A Journey through the Bodleian Collections
ISBN: HB: 9781851242504, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2016
224 pp., 27x27 cm, 120 colour illus.
This book explores the stories behind seventy-five extraordinary maps. It includes unique treasures such as the fourteenth-century Gough Map of Great Britain, exquisite portolan charts made in the fifteenth century, the Selden Map of China – the earl...
HB: £35,00
Mapping Shakespeare's World
ISBN: PB: 9781851242573, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2015
208 pp., 21x25 cm, 110 colour illus.
The locations of Shakespeare's plays range from Greece, Turkey and Syria to England, and they range in time from 1000 BC to the early Tudor age. He never set a play explicitly in Elizabethan London, which he and his audience inhabited, but always in...
PB: £25,00
Gough Map The Earliest Road Map of Great Britain
ISBN: HB: 9781851240227, Bodleian Library Publishing, June 2007
112 pp., 19.4x26.7 cm, 50 colour illus.
For centuries, the Gough Map, one of the Bodleian Library's greatest treasures, has impressed viewers with its remarkable detail and baffled historians with its hidden secrets: who made it and why was it made? Recent digitization of the map is helpin...
HB: £25,00