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London Prints and Drawings before 1800
ISBN: HB: 9781851244126, Bodleian Library Publishing, March 2017
232 pp., 27.8x23.8 cm, 123 colour illus.
By the end of the eighteenth century London was the second largest city in the world, its relentless growth fuelled by Britain's expanding empire. Before the age of photography, the most widely used means of creating a visual record of the changing c...
HB: £30,00
Art of the Islands Celtic, Pictish, Anglo-Saxon and Viking Visual Culture, c. 450-1050
ISBN: PB: 9781851244461, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2016
240 pp., 21x25 cm, 120 colour illus.
The Celtic, Pictish, Anglo-Saxon and Viking peoples who inhabited the British Isles and Ireland from late prehistory to the Norman Conquest left a rich visual heritage whose influence continues to be felt. This is the first book to present an illust...
PB: £25,00
Armenia Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture
ISBN: PB: 9781851244409, ISBN: HB: 9781851244393, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2015
288 pp., 24.4x28.5 cm, 180 colour illus.
Set like a stronghold south-west of the Caucasus mountains, Armenia is caught between East and West. Briefly a great empire in the first century BCE under King Tigranes the Great, Armenia was later incorporated first by the Sasanian and then the Byza...
PB: £35,00
HB: £60,00
Paintings from Mughal India
ISBN: PB: 9781851240876, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2013
184 pp., 15.4x21 cm, 80 colour illus.
A unique style of court painting, combining Persian, Indian and European elements, developed in India under the Mughal emperors in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Originally an art of book illustration, it soon gave rise to highly naturalist...
PB: £14,99