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Publishers’ Eastern and Central European Representative
Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain, 1942 Reproduced from the Original Typescript, War Department, Washington, DC
ISBN: HB: 9781851240852, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2004
48 pp., 10x14.8 cm
In 1942 the United States War Department distributed a handbook to American Servicemen advising them on the peculiarities of the "British, their country, and their ways". The guide was intended to lessen the culture shock for those embarking on their...
HB: £4,99
Polonica From the Bodleian's Pre-1920 Catalogue
ISBN: PB: 9781851240296, Bodleian Library Publishing, January 2004
277 pp., 21x30 cm
This title includes books from the collection of J. A. Lukaszwicz (1799-1873), and other titles appearing under the label "Libri Polonici" n the Bodleian's pre-1920 holdings, totalling about 1600 items.
PB: £20,00
Napoleon and the Invasion of Britain
ISBN: PB: 9781851240814, Bodleian Library Publishing, June 2003
132 pp., 21x26.7 cm, 148 colour illus.
Chronicling the real fear of a Napoleonic invasion of Britain from 1798 to 1805, this book reconstructs Britain's political, social and military response, and tells the story of the forces dividing the nation in the 1790s, and the debates underlying...
PB: £15,00
Wonderful Things from 400 Years Collecting The Bodleian Library 1602-2002
ISBN: PB: 9781851240777, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2002
172 pp., 21x27.6 cm, 84 colour illus.
Taking its title from Howard Carter's famous description of his first glimpse of the treasures of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, this book offers a timeless portrait of highlights representing the range of the Bodleian Library's unique collections. The...
PB: £29,99
Modern Political Papers
ISBN: PB: 9781851240487, Bodleian Library Publishing, January 1996
40 pp., 20x20 cm, 15 illus.
This is an illustrated introduction to the collections of political papers – the private papers of politicians, public servants, journalists and others active during the last 150 years – which constitute an essential source for the study of modern Br...
PB: £3,95