Ewa Ledóchowicz - Książki według tematyki
Place of Religion in Chicago
ISBN: HB: 9781935195153, The University of Chicago Press, June 2011
224 pp., 22.2x28.4 cm, 91 maps, 52 halftones
With "The Place of Religion in Chicago", Wilbur Zelinsky and Stephen A. Matthews provide the first detailed, systematic geographical study of the religious landscape of Chicago. Zelinsky and Matthews have scoured the city – from the South Side to the...
HB: £49,00
Latinos in American Society Families and Communities in Transition
ISBN: PB: 9780801476570, ISBN: HB: 9780801449383, Cornell University Press, May 2011
296 pp., 15.5x23.6 cm, 29 tables, 3 graphs
It is well known that Latinos in the United States bear a disproportionate burden of low educational attainment, high residential segregation, and low visibility in the national political landscape. In "Latinos in American Society", Ruth Enid Zambran...
PB: £24,95
HB: £70,50
Anthropology A Continental Perspective
ISBN: PB: 9780226925073, ISBN: HB: 9780226925066, The University of Chicago Press, April 2013
424 pp., 15x23 cm, 22 halftones
Originally published in German, Christoph Wulf's "Anthropology" sets its sights on a topic as ambitious as its title suggests: anthropology itself. Arguing for an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to anthropology that incorporates science,...
PB: £28,50
HB: £85,00
Mythology in Our Language Remarks on Frazer's Golden Bough
ISBN: PB: 9780990505068, The University of Chicago Press, February 2017
320 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
In 1931 Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote his famous "Remarks on Frazer's "Golden Bough"", published posthumously in 1967. At that time, anthropology and philosophy were in close contact – continental thinkers drew heavily on anthropology's theoretical terms...
PB: £19,00
Gypsy World The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead
ISBN: PB: 9780226899299, ISBN: HB: 9780226899282, The University of Chicago Press, June 2003
115 pp., 15.2x22.9 cm, 22 halftones
For many of us, one of the most important ways of coping with the death of a close relative is talking about them, telling all who will listen what they meant to us. Yet the Gypsies of central France, the Manus, not only do not speak of their dead, t...
PB: £21,00
HB: £34,50
Making Faces The Evolutionary Origins of the Human Face
ISBN: HB: 9780674725522, Harvard University Press, January 2017
472 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, 22 colour illus., 54 line illus., 2 graphs
Humans possess the most expressive faces in the animal kingdom. Adam Wilkins presents evidence ranging from the fossil record to recent findings of genetics, molecular biology, and developmental biology to reconstruct the fascinating story of how the...
HB: £35,95
Cultures of Milk The Biology and Meaning of Dairy Products in the United States and India
ISBN: HB: 9780674729056, Harvard University Press, June 2014
192 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, 34 halftones
Milk is the only food mammals produce naturally to feed their offspring. The human species is the only one that takes milk from other animals and consumes it beyond weaning age. "Cultures of Milk" contrasts the practices of the world's two leading mi...
HB: £34,95
Khanty People of the Taiga Survivng the Twentieth Century
ISBN: PB: 9781602231245, The University of Chicago Press, May 2011
496 pp., 15.2x22.6 cm, 15 figures, 80 halftones
Drawing on nearly twenty years of fieldwork, as well as ethnohistory, politics, and economics, this volume takes a close look at changes in the lives of the indigenous Siberian Khanty people and draws crucial connections between those changes and the...
PB: £30,00
Sinister Yogis
ISBN: PB: 9780226895147, ISBN: HB: 9780226895130, The University of Chicago Press, March 2011
376 pp., 15.2x22.6 cm, 24 halftones
Since the 1960s, yoga has become a billion-dollar industry in the West, attracting housewives and hipsters, New Agers and the old-aged. But our modern conception of yoga derives much from nineteenth-century European spirituality, and the true story o...
PB: £25,00
HB: £39,00
Pilgrims of Love The Anthropology of a Global Sufi Cult
ISBN: PB: 9781850656517, Hurst Publishers, January 2004
360 pp., 13.8x21.6 cm
"In Pilgrims of Love", Pnina Werbner traces the development of a Sufi Naqshbandi order founded by a living saint, Zindapir, whose cult originated in Pakistan and has extended globally to Britain, Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. Drawing...
PB: £18,99