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Duchamp Love and Death, even
ISBN: HB: 9781861890276, Reaktion Books, October 1998
296 pp., 24.5x18.8 cm, 295 illus.
Marcel Duchamp's stature in the history of art has grown steadily since the 1950s, as several artistic movements have embraced him as their founding father. But although his influence is comparable only to Picasso's, Duchamp continues to be relativel...
Mirror in Parchment The Luttrell Psalter and the Making of Medieval England
ISBN: HB: 9781861890238, Reaktion Books, September 1998
416 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 143 black&white illus., 16 colour illus.
The British Library's "Luttrell Psalter" is probably the best known of all English illuminated manuscripts; even before it was bought for the nation in 1929, social historians were using it to illustrate early fourteenth-century agrarian life in the...
Joseph Cornell's Vision of Spiritual Order
ISBN: PB: 9780948462498, Reaktion Books, May 1998
224 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 83 black&white illus., 42 colour illus.
The "boxes" and collages constructed by Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) are among the most intriguing and beguiling works of art made this century. Old toys, photos, magazine illustrations, bits of electrical wiring – anything in fact more usually left t...
Why Wars Happen
ISBN: HB: 9781861890177, Reaktion Books, March 1998
272 pp., 22.8x13.3 cm
In this deeply informed book, renowned historian Jeremy Black addresses the crucial question of why wars happen, bridging the disciplines of history, political science and international relations, and spanning over the centuries. Black marshals an as...