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ISBN: PB: 9781780231938, Reaktion Books, December 2013
272 pp., 20.8x15.6 cm, 80 black&white illus., 40 colour illus.
Most of us take modern bathrooms for granted – they are an essential part of our homes, but we ignore the complex network of pipes, pumps, and treatment plants that make up indoor plumbing's infrastructure. Telling the story of one of the world's gre...
ISBN: PB: 9781861896643, Reaktion Books, June 2010
256 pp., 20.8x15.6 cm, 91 black&white illus., 52 colour illus.
The pixellated rectangle we spend most of our day staring at in silence is not the television, as many long feared, but the computer – the ubiquitous portal of work and personal lives. The computer is now so common we don't even notice it. It is diff...
Theme Park
ISBN: PB: 9781861893949, Reaktion Books, November 2008
272 pp., 20.8x15.6 cm, 99 black&white illus., 26 colour illus.
Theme parks are a uniquely interactive and enduring form of entertainment that have influenced architecture, technology and culture in surprising ways for more than a century, as Scott Lukas now reveals in his compelling book. "Theme Park" takes th...
ISBN: PB: 9781861893284, Reaktion Books, June 2008
256 pp., 20.8x15.6 cm, 86 black&white illus., 32 colour illus.
As well as much-needed electricity, dams generate extremes of emotion. Traditionally, dams have facilitated hydraulic civilizations such as those in the Nile Valley, China and Mesopotamia, and, in the twentieth century, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Yet...