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ISBN: HB: 9781789142051, Reaktion Books, May 2020
216 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 100 colour illus.
Drawing its allure from the gold of the sun and the rule of emperors, the chrysanthemum winds its way through ancient Chinese culture into the gardens of French Impressionist painters and onto the pages of American novels. The flower signifies both l...
ISBN: PB: 9781789142150, Reaktion Books, April 2020
184 pp., 19x13.5 cm, 100 colour illus.
Jellyfish are, like the mythical Medusa, both beautiful and potentially dangerous. Found from pole to tropic, these mesmeric creatures form an important part of the sea's plankton and vary in size from the gigantic to the minute. Perceived as alien c...
Miracles of Our Own Making A History of Paganism
ISBN: HB: 9781789142211, Reaktion Books, April 2020
352 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm
"Miracles of Our Own Making" is a historical overview of magic in the British Isles, from the ancient peoples of Britain to the rich and cosmopolitan landscape of contemporary paganism. We explore the beliefs of the Druids, the Anglo-Saxons and Vikin...
What Is Time? An Enquiry
ISBN: PB: 9781789142365, Reaktion Books, April 2020
176 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 4 illus.
We refer to time constantly and we measure its passing – but do we know what it actually is? In "What Is Time?", Truls Wyller enquires into time's complex nature, juxtaposing the latest scientific theories with our personal experience of chronology....
Live Wires A History of Electronic Music
ISBN: PB: 9781789141412, Reaktion Books, July 2019
208 pp., 19.8x12.9 cm, 8 illus.
We live in an electronic world. Electronic sounds and electronic music have long permeated our sonic landscape. What began as the otherworldly sounds of the film score for the 1956 film Forbidden Planet and the rarefied, new timbres of Stockhausen's...
Arthur Rimbaud
ISBN: PB: 9781780239804, Reaktion Books, August 2018
192 pp., 20x13 cm, 35 illus.
Before he had turned 21, Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) upended the house of French poetry and left it in shambles. What makes Rimbaud's poetry important, argues Seth Whidden, is part of what makes his life so compelling: rebellion, audacity, creativity...
Trees in Art
ISBN: HB: 9781780239309, Reaktion Books, June 2018
256 pp., 28x21 cm, 203 illus., 201 in colour
In this superbly illustrated book, Charles Watkins explores the myth and magic of arboreal art. Enter the groves of the classical world, from Daphne's metamorphosis into a laurel tree to the gardens of Pompeii. The tree in sacred art is represented i...
Swamp Nature and Culture
ISBN: PB: 9781780238449, Reaktion Books, November 2017
248 pp., 21x14.8 cm, 80 colour plates, 20 halftones
Throughout history, swamps have been idealized and demonized, purged and protected. They are considered places of evil, pestilence and death, but also diverse ecosystems teeming with life. They can be obstacles to development, and remnants of fading...
Cuba A Cultural History
ISBN: HB: 9781780238395, Reaktion Books, October 2017
288 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm
Cuba is a rare and fascinating place. In a world where revolutionary socialism seems an almost quaint reminder of the Cold War thirty years ago, the island remains one of the few nations on the planet guided by a Communist party, still committed to f...
Secrets of the Centenarians What is it Like to Live for a Century and Which of Us Will Survive to Find Out?
ISBN: HB: 9781780238180, Reaktion Books, September 2017
256 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 50 illus.
In October 1995, a blind, deaf, French grandmother broke a world record. Jeanne Calment became, so far as we know, the oldest human being who has ever lived, when she reached the age of 120 years and 238 days. She went on to survive for nearly three...