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Strong, Sweet and Dry A Guide to Vermouth, Port, Sherry, Madeira and Marsala
ISBN: HB: 9781789141528, Reaktion Books, October 2019
240 pp., 22x17.1 cm, 130 illus., 80 in colour
Today fortified wines are enjoying a renaissance, rediscovered by discerning imbibers and modern mixologists all over the world. Once extremely popular drinks savoured before or after dinner, fortified wines – such as sherry, port and Madeira – fell...
Biscuit/Cookie A Global History
ISBN: HB: 9781789140491, Reaktion Books, May 2019
128 pp., 19.7x12 cm, 60 illus., 50 in colour
Which is your favourite biscuit (or cookie, if you're from the USA)? Chocolate-chip, gingernut or oreo cookie? Oatmeal and raisin, black and white cookie, digestive or florentine? Biscuits and cookies have a myriad forms and flavours, and as well the...
Darkness A Cultural History
ISBN: HB: 9781780239828, Reaktion Books, August 2018
288 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 50 illus.
Darkness divides opinion. Some are frightened of the dark, or at least prefer to avoid it, and there are many who dislike what it appears to stand for. Others are drawn to its strange domain, delighting in its uncertainties, lured by all the associat...
Inventing American Tradition From the Mayflower to Cinco de Mayo
ISBN: HB: 9781780239866, Reaktion Books, August 2018
352 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 48 illus.
What really happened on the first Thanksgiving? How did a British drinking song become the national anthem of the United States? And what makes Superman so darned American? Every tradition, even the noblest and most cherished, has a history, nowhere...
Empire of Tea The Asian Leaf that Conquered the World
ISBN: PB: 9781780238982, Reaktion Books, May 2018
328 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 50 colour plates, 27 halftones
Tea has a rich and well-documented past. The beverage originated in Asia long before making its way to seventeenth-century London, where it became an exotic, highly sought-after commodity. Over the subsequent two centuries, tea's powerful psychoactiv...
Planet Hunters The Search for Extraterrestrial life
ISBN: HB: 9781780238142, Reaktion Books, August 2017
248 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 3 illus.
?Astronomers are on the verge of answering one of the most profound questions ever asked: are we alone in the universe? The ability to detect life in remote solar systems is at last within sight. Its discovery, even if only in microbial form, would r...
Eye for Detail Images of Plants and Animals in Art and Science, 1500-1630
ISBN: HB: 9781780236407, Reaktion Books, October 2016
288 pp., 25x19 cm, 100 colour illus., 25 black&white illus.
?Image-transforming techniques such as close-up, time lapse and layering are often linked to the age of photography, but they were already being used half a millennium ago for the purposes of identification and study. This is why Renaissance drawings...
Lightning Nature and Culture
ISBN: PB: 9781780234960, Reaktion Books, October 2015
240 pp., 21x14.8 cm, 97 colour illus., 22 black&white illus.
There exist few phenomena more awe-inspiring than lightning. Streaking across the sky, it daunts us with its power and amazes us with its beauty. As thunder strikes and lightning flashes, we cower from it in fear and marvel at it in astonishment. "L...
ISBN: HB: 9781780234274, Reaktion Books, May 2015
224 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm, 70 colour plates, 30 halftones
We spray them, pluck them and bury them under mulch, and we curse their resilience when they spring back into place. To most of us, weeds can seem nothing more than intruders in gardens, farms and city streets. They spring up unwanted and are hastily...
Brandy A Global History
ISBN: HB: 9781780233482, Reaktion Books, September 2014
152 pp., 19.7x12 cm, 54 colour illus., 5 black&white illus.
An aromatic spirit made from distilled wine and produced around the globe, brandy is a spirit loved by many. Long associated with refined taste and sophisticated consumption, today it has taken on a new life in the world of mixology. Cognac – an illu...