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Cornell University Press

Sage House
512 East State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

tel  607 277 2338
fax 607 277 2374


Cornell University Press was established in 1869, which means that it was the first university publishing enterprise in the United States. Ever since its beginnings the Press made a name for itself for offering titles in a multitude of subject areas.

Today the press produces around 150 nonfiction titles each year in the following subject areas: anthropology, history, art history, cultural studies, literary criticism and theory, politics and international relations, philosophy and sociology, but also such fields as urban studies, Asian studies, Slavic and Eurasian studies and a series on New York City and State.



In 2010 Cornell University Press was awarded a considerable private subsidy, which enabled it to publish works in low-demand humanities fields, thus even broadening its offer.


Since the early '90s CUP's main headquarters has been the Sage House – a neo-Gothic-like building with a history almost as long as the Press itself and a former mansion of Henry W. Sage, a 19th century businessman and benefactor of the Cornell University.



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