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Reims on Fire War and Reconciliation between France and Germany
ISBN: HB: 9781606065709, Getty Publications, May 2018
296 pp., 15.9x22.2 cm, 35 colour illus., 65 black&white illus.
As the site of royal coronations, Reims cathedral was a monument to French national history and identity. But after German troops bombed the cathedral during World War I, it took on new meaning. The French reimagined it as a martyr of civilisation, a...
HB: £45,00
North of Dixie Civil Rights Photography Beyond the South
ISBN: HB: 9781606065051, Getty Publications, October 2016
160 pp., 15x25 cm, 100 black&white illus.
The history of the civil rights movement is commonly illustrated with well-known photographs from Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma-leaving the visual story of the movement outside the South remaining to be told. In North of Dixie, historian Mark Spe...
HB: £30,00
ISBN: HB: 9781606064832, Getty Publications, July 2016
216 pp., 15x25 cm, 225 colour illus.
An intimate glimpse into the public and private world of one of history's most famous – and infamous – queens Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793) continues to fascinate historians, writers, and filmmakers more than two centuries after her death. She became...
HB: £35,00
Household Gods Private Devotion in Ancient Greece and Rome
ISBN: HB: 9781606064566, Getty Publications, February 2016
160 pp., 15x25 cm, illus.
Daily religious devotion in the Greek and Roman worlds centered on the family and the home. Besides official worship in rural sacred areas and at temples in towns, the ancients kept household shrines with statuettes of different deities that could ha...
HB: £20,00
Cultural Memories in the Roman Empire
ISBN: HB: 9781606064627, Getty Publications, January 2016
376 pp., 15x25 cm, illus.
Memory studies one of the most vibrant research fields of the present day brings together such diverse disciplines as art and archaeology, history, religion, literature, sociology, media studies, and neuroscience. In scholarship on ancient Rome, stud...
HB: £65,00
Greek Vase Art of the Storyteller
ISBN: HB: 9781606061473, Getty Publications, November 2013
114 pp., 15x25 cm, illus.
This richly illustrated volume offers a fascinating introduction to ancient Greek vases for the general reader. It presents vases not merely as beautiful vessels to hold water and wine, but also as instruments of storytelling and bearers of meaning....
HB: £21,95
Sicily Art and Invention Between Greece and Rome
ISBN: HB: 9781606061336, Getty Publications, March 2013
288 pp., 15x25 cm, 144 colour illus., 23 black&white illus., 1 map
This is a richly illustrated volume that demonstrates Sicily's essential role in the development of the ancient Mediterranean world. Ancient Sicily, a prosperous island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, occupied a pivotal place in the region. I...
HB: £42,00
Amber and the Ancient World
ISBN: PB: 9781606060827, Getty Publications, December 2011
144 pp., 17.4x22.4 cm, 63 colour illus., 5 black&white illus.
This title offers a fascinating look at the one of the ancient world's most prized substances. Amber has fascinated mankind since the Palaeolithic era. Through exquisite visual examples and vivid classical texts, this book examines the myths and lege...
PB: £18,99
Knightly Art of Battle
ISBN: PB: 9781606060766, Getty Publications, October 2011
128 pp., 16.1x22.9 cm, 86 colour illus.
This is an extravagantly illustrated and engrossing exploration of the art of medieval fighting. This volume offers an intriguing look into the world of late medieval martial arts, from wrestling to swordsmanship and to the subtle tricks that could b...
PB: £10,99
Cultural Identity In the Ancient Mediterranean
ISBN: PB: 9780892369690, Getty Publications, January 2011
572 pp., 18x25.2 cm, 97 black&white illus.
This is an illuminating collection of essays that explore the idea of cultural identity in the ancient Mediterranean. Cultural identity is a slippery and elusive concept. When applied to the collective self-consciousness among people or nations, it b...
PB: £34,99