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Uruk The First City of the Ancient World
ISBN: HB: 9781606064443, Getty Publications, January 2019
400 pp., 15x25 cm, 450 colour illus., 34 black&white illus.
This remarkable book unveils the origins of urban life in our ancient past. Over one hundred years ago, discoveries from a German archaeological dig at Uruk, roughly two hundred miles south of present-day Baghdad, sent shock waves through the scholar...
HB: £50,00
Art of Curating Paul J. Sachs and the Museum Course at Harvard
ISBN: HB: 9781606065693, Getty Publications, August 2018
288 pp., 20.3x25.4 cm, 123 black&white illus., 1 map
From 1921 until 1948, Paul J. Sachs (1878-1965) offered a yearlong program in art museum training, "Museum Work and Museum Problems", through Harvard University's Fine Arts Department. Known simply as the Museum Course, the program was responsible fo...
HB: £40,00
Donald Judd: Metals The Artist's Materials
ISBN: PB: 9781606065686, Getty Publications, August 2018
168 pp., 19.1x25.4 cm, 46 colour illus., 47 black&white illus.
A leading figure in the Minimalist movement in the visual arts, Donald Judd (1928-1994) pioneered the use of industrial materials and techniques, avoiding traditional substances and the direct use of his own hands. While recent decades have witnessed...
PB: £30,00
Sistine Chapel Paradise in Rome
ISBN: PB: 9781606065532, Getty Publications, August 2018
184 pp., 14x19.1 cm, 31 colour illus., 18 black&white illus., 8 line drawings
The art of the Sistine Chapel, decorated by artists who competed with one another and commissioned by popes who were equally competitive, is a complex fabric of thematic, chronological, and artistic references. Four main campaigns were undertaken to...
PB: £19,95
Artists and Their Books, Books and Their Artists
ISBN: HB: 9781606065730, Getty Publications, July 2018
200 pp., 25.4x25.4 cm, 184 colour illus.
Ever innovative and predictably diverse in their physical formats, artists' books occupy a creative space between the familiar four-cornered object and challenging works of art that effectively question every preconception of what a book can be. Many...
HB: £40,00
Icons of Style A Century of Fashion Photography
ISBN: HB: 9781606065587, Getty Publications, July 2018
368 pp., 24.1x30.5 cm, 176 colour illus., 147 duotone illus.
In 1911 the French couturier Paul Poiret challenged Edward Steichen to create the first artistic, rather than merely documentary, fashion photographs, a moment that is now considered to be a turning point in the history of fashion photography. As fas...
HB: £50,00
Plato in L.A. Contemporary Artists' Visions
ISBN: PB: 9781606065747, Getty Publications, June 2018
112 pp., 19.1x22.9 cm, 20 colour illus.
No thinker in the West has had a wider and more sustained influence than the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. From philosophy to drama, religion to politics, it is difficult to find a current cultural or social phenomenon that is not in some aspect i...
PB: £18,95
Keep it Moving? Conserving Kinetic Art
ISBN: PB: 9781606065389, Getty Publications, May 2018
208 pp., 15x25 cm, illus.
Kinetic art not only includes movement but often depends on it to produce an intended effect and therefore fully realize its nature as art. It can take a multiplicity of forms and include a wide range of motion, from motorized and electrically driven...
PB: £45,00
Guide to the Getty Villa Revised Edition
ISBN: PB: 9781606065471, Getty Publications, May 2018
132 pp., 14.1x24.4 cm, 165 colour illus., 20 black&white illus., 3 maps
It begins with the history of the site, recounting how, as J. Paul Getty's art collection grew, he chose to house it in a replica of the ancient Roman villa at Herculaneum now known as the Villa dei Papiri. The second chapter chronicles the destructi...
PB: £9,95
Reims on Fire War and Reconciliation between France and Germany
ISBN: HB: 9781606065709, Getty Publications, May 2018
296 pp., 15.9x22.2 cm, 35 colour illus., 65 black&white illus.
As the site of royal coronations, Reims cathedral was a monument to French national history and identity. But after German troops bombed the cathedral during World War I, it took on new meaning. The French reimagined it as a martyr of civilisation, a...
HB: £45,00