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Stephen B Jacobs Group / Andi Pepper Interior Design
ISBN: HB: 9781911339076, Artifice, February 2018
192 pp., 28x23 cm, 158 colour and black&white illus.
The first publication to cumulatively address the extent of Stephen B Jacobs Group's robust 50-year practice and 20 year partnership with Andi Pepper Interior Design, "Stephen B Jacobs Group Andi Pepper Interior Design" offers a largely first-person...
HB: £29,95
Buildings of London
ISBN: PB: 9781908967732, Artifice, March 2016
72 pp., 20x25 cm, 112 colour and black&white illus.
Roger Fitzgerald has practised as an architect in London since he qualified over thirty years ago. He brings an architect s keen eye for detail and construction, and combines this with a fascination for discovering and expressing through paintings wh...
PB: £12,95
Languages of Light A Creative Approach to Residential Lighting
ISBN: HB: 9781908967718, Artifice, September 2015
192 pp., 23x28 cm, 150 colour and black&white illus.
"The Languages of Light" is an inspirational and visual guide to the creative process of lighting the home. The philosophical and human-centric approach incorporates a journey through understanding light as a basic tool, unveils the emotional and phy...
HB: £29,95