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Eco Design: Lamps New Edition
ISBN: HB: 9788416504596, Promopress, December 2017
160 pp., 23.2x26.6 cm, richly illustrated
Green products and initiatives have become a key aspect of virtually all areas of our lives, and our interior surroundings are no exception to this. This book presents cutting-edge lighting and lamp designs that through their use of recycling techniq...
HB: £19,99
New Poster Design Look at Me!
ISBN: PB: 9788416851317, Promopress, November 2017
204 pp., 21x28.6 cm, richly illustrated
"New Poster Design: Look at Me!" is a selection posters produced using original ideas, advanced techniques, innovative methods, ingenious materials and unique features.
PB: £24,99
Sustainable Architecture Details in Contemporary Architecture
ISBN: HB: 9788416504206, Promopress, November 2017
240 pp., 22.9x30.5 cm, richly illustrated
From the most cutting-edge studios around the world, this book is a superb showcase of some of the sustainable architectural creations that have set the pace in this field at the beginning of the 21th century. Featuring an extensive collection of ful...
HB: £32,00
Fabrics in Fashion Design The Way Successful Fashion Designers Use Fabrics (New Edition)
ISBN: PB: 9788416851287, Promopress, October 2017
336 pp., 23.8x24.5 cm, richly illustrated
Fabrics are the base for the world of fashion: they determine the way designers conceive their pieces and their creativity. This book is a bridge uniting materials and their creators by visually showing the profound relationship between fabrics and f...
PB: £22,50
Motion Graphics 100 Design Projects You Can't Miss
ISBN: HB: 9788416851294, Promopress, October 2017
240 pp., 21x28.6 cm, richly illustrated
Motion graphics – a digital technique that combines the language of traditional graphic design with the creative visual language of film and animation – has become a fast growing area within the practice of graphic design. With the function of storyt...
HB: £39,99
767 Handmade Illustrations
ISBN: HB + CD: 9788416851270, Promopress, September 2017
176 pp., 15x21 cm, richly illustrated
A showcase of 747 highly graphic pen and ink illustrations of the visual artist Joan Escandell, this title draws on classic styles from various eras, evoking the particular mood and atmosphere of the old with an intriguing modern twist.
HB + CD: £16,99
Art of Pop-Up The Magical World of Three-Dimensional Books (Second Edition)
ISBN: PB: 9788416851263, Promopress, September 2017
160 pp., 15x21 cm, richly illustrated
With a refreshing perspective, "The Art of Pop-Up" shows the designs of pop-up creators all around the world with some of their most innovative designs and practical examples to construct them. Full of colour illustration and inspiring force, "The Ar...
PB: £21,99
Fashion Illustration and Design Methods and Techniques for Achieving Professional Results
ISBN: PB: 9788416851065, Promopress, September 2017
240 pp., 21.5x30 cm, richly illustrated
A design tutorial by Daniela Brambatti, Versace's chief (design) illustrator, the book is an idea of couturier Fabio Marconi who, impressed by her drawing style and the precision with which she captures the flow of fabric over the body, convinced her...
PB: £22,99
Knitwear Fashion Design The Secrets of Drawing Knitted Fabrics and Garments
ISBN: FLEXI: 9788416851171, Promopress, September 2017
160 pp., 22x26 cm, richly illustrated
"Knitwear Fashion Design" aims to help fashion students to understand the basic design elements in knitwear and learn how illustrate them. Whether handmade or industrially- produced, deconstructive or avant-garde, knitwear has now become a staple col...
FLEXI: £22,50
Drawing the Human Head Anatomy, Expressions, Emotions and Feelings
ISBN: HB: 9788416851027, Promopress, August 2017
192 pp., 21.5x30 cm, richly illustrated
"Drawing the Human Head" describes in detail of how emotions and feelings are reflected in people s faces and of how to depict them. It is a systematic structured textbook for learning the skills necessary to draw the human head, a useful manual for...
HB: £24,99