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Mrs. Sigourney of Hartford Poems and Prose on the Early American Deaf Community
ISBN: PB: 9781563685576, Gallaudet University Press, May 2013
128 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
Lydia Huntley was born in 1791 in Norwich, CT, the only child of a poor Revolutionary war veteran. But her father's employer, a wealthy widow, gave young Lydia the run of her library and later sent her for visits to Hartford, CT. After teaching at he...
PB: £34,00
My Life with Kangaroos A Deaf Woman's Remarkable Story
ISBN: PB: 9781563685590, Gallaudet University Press, May 2013
248 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, 20 photos
Doris Herrmann was born deaf in 1933 in Basel, Switzerland, and from the age of three, she possessed a mystical attraction to kangaroos. She recalls seeing them at that age for the first time at the Basel Zoo, and spending every spare moment visiting...
PB: £19,00
Service Learning in Interpreter Education Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community
ISBN: HB: 9781563685552, Gallaudet University Press, April 2013
258 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, 7 tables, 3 figures
Institutions of higher learning around the nation have embraced the concept of student civic engagement as part of their curricula, a movement that has spurred administrators in various fields to initiate programs as part of their disciplines. In res...
HB: £49,00
Human Right to Language Communication Access for Deaf Children
ISBN: PB: 9781563685910, Gallaudet University Press, March 2013
180 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
In 1982, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Amy Rowley, a deaf six-year-old, was not entitled to have a sign language interpreter in her public school classroom. Lawrence Siegel wholeheartedly disagrees with this decision in his new book "The...
PB: £37,50
Judaism and Disability Portrayals in Ancient Texts from the Tanach through the Bavli
ISBN: PB: 9781563683428, Gallaudet University Press, March 2013
304 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
The Jewish religion owns a virtually uninterrupted record of scripture and commentary dating back to 1,000 B.C.E. (B.C.), portions of which allow the new book "Judaism and Disability: Portrayals in Ancient Texts" from the Tanach through the Bavli to...
PB: £52,00
Sign Language Research Theoretical Issues
ISBN: HB: 9780930323585, Gallaudet University Press, March 2013
384 pp., 17.8x25.4 cm
HB: £46,00
Signed Languages Discoveries from International Research
ISBN: PB: 9781563685927, Gallaudet University Press, March 2013
184 pp., 17.8x25.4 cm
This collection presents research from the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research conference. Part one addresses articulatory constraints and the Dutch Sign Language. Part two tackles noun classifiers, nonhanded signs, and verb classes. Part th...
PB: £55,00
Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities
ISBN: PB: 9781563685897, Gallaudet University Press, February 2013
320 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
Is perception reality? Editor Melanie Metzger investigates the cultural perceptions by and of deaf people around the world in Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities volume six of the Sociolinguistics series.
PB: £47,50
Deaf American Literature From Carnival to the Canon
ISBN: PB: 9781563685774, Gallaudet University Press, February 2013
232 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
In this classic bestseller, first published in 2000, Cynthia Peters uses the archetypal concept of the carnival as a framework to interpret the evolution of ASL literature. The Deaf literary canon, much like the carnival itself, represents the "count...
PB: £47,50
Deaf Children in China
ISBN: PB: 9781563683398, Gallaudet University Press, February 2013
256 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
To learn how Chinese parents raise their deaf children, Alison Callaway in 1994 conducted extensive research in the city of Nanjing. There, she interviewed the parents of 26 deaf children while also carefully analyzing a large collection of letters w...
PB: £52,50