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Sign Language Archaeology Understanding the Historical Roots of American Sign Language
ISBN: HB: 9781563684937, Gallaudet University Press, February 2015
278 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, figures, tables
This engrossing study investigates the infancy of American Sign Language (ASL). Authors Ted Supalla and Patricia Clark highlight the major events in ASL history, revealing much of what has not been clearly understood until now. According to tradition...
HB: £52,50
Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Classrooms New Scholarship
ISBN: HB: 9781563686238, Gallaudet University Press, January 2015
144 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, figures, tables
A new initiative known as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) strives to improve education today by methodically examining and assessing the vital component of classroom interaction. This collection presents research by five professors wh...
HB: £60,00
Gallaudet Children's Dictionary of American Sign Language
ISBN: HB + DVD: 9781563686313, Gallaudet University Press, October 2014
384 pp., 21.6x27.9 cm, 1048 illus.
* Featuring more than 1,000 ASL sign drawings * All signs paired with charming color illustrations * Introduction explains how to sign ASL and fingerspell * Complete index of English terms for each sign, including synonyms * Sample sentences using sp...
HB + DVD: £30,00
Telling Deaf Lives Agents of Change
ISBN: PB: 9781563686191, Gallaudet University Press, October 2014
264 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, photos, tables, figures
In July 2012, the 8th Deaf History International (DHI) Conference featured 27 presentations from members of Deaf communities around the world who related their own autobiographies as well as the biographies of historical Deaf individuals. The present...
PB: £26,50
Coming to My Senses One Woman's Cochlear Implant Journey
ISBN: PB: 9781563686153, Gallaudet University Press, September 2014
168 pp., 13.9x21.6 cm, photos
Deafened at the age of six, Claire Blatchford was educated orally with speech lessons, speechreading, and hearing aids. Though successful both professionally and domestically, at the age of 67 Blatchford decided to undergo a cochlear implantation. In...
PB: £15,00
Investigations in Healthcare Interpreting
ISBN: HB: 9781563686122, Gallaudet University Press, September 2014
360 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm, figures, tables
In healthcare, the accuracy of interpretation is the most critical component of safe and effective communication between providers and patients in medical settings characterized by language and cultural barriers. Although medical education should pre...
HB: £64,00
Deaf Interpreters at Work International Insights
ISBN: HB: 9781563686092, Gallaudet University Press, June 2014
180 pp., 15.2x22.8 cm
Now, for the first time, a collection featuring 17 widely respected scholars depicts the everyday practices of deaf interpreters in their respective nations. Deaf Interpreters at Work: International Insights presents the history of Deaf translators a...
HB: £52,50
History of Gallaudet University 150 Years of a Deaf American Institution
ISBN: HB: 9781563685958, Gallaudet University Press, June 2014
208 pp., 21.6x27.9 cm, 25 illus., 225 photos
On April 8, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln and the United States Congress put into effect legislation authorizing the granting of collegiate degrees by the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind. At this moment,...
HB: £56,50
Building Bridges, Crossing Borders One Young Deaf Woman's Education
ISBN: PB: 9781563686078, Gallaudet University Press, May 2014
168 pp., 13.9x21.6 cm, 13 photos
Kyler Daniels was born in 1988 with a profound bilateral hearing loss. Her deafness went undetected for a year since newborn screening for hearing loss was not yet available. Kyler benefited, however, from the great support of her family and a string...
PB: £22,50
Art of Being Deaf A Memoir
ISBN: PB: 9781563685972, Gallaudet University Press, March 2014
224 pp., 13.9x21.6 cm
Concerned about aspects of her romantic relationships, Donna McDonald consulted with a psychologist who asked, "Your hearing loss must have had a big impact on you?" At age 45, with a successful career in social work policy, McDonald took umbrage at...
PB: £22,50