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Artist-Scholar Reflections on Writing and Research
ISBN: PB: 9781783203888, Intellect, February 2018
112 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm, 30 halftones
Research is a concept that is not typically associated with the field of art. However, more and more art-based MFA and PhD programs use the term to describe and categorize the work of graduate-level artist-students and faculty. G. James Daichendt pro...
PB: £19,50
Australian Film Theory and Criticism Volume 3: Documents
ISBN: PB: 9781783208371, Intellect, February 2018
500 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm
The third part of a three-volume work devoted to mapping the transnational history of Australian film studies, Volume 3: Documents concludes the project by gathering together the documents that were produced during the rise of film studies in Austral...
PB: £70,00
Drama-based Pedagogy Activating Learning Across the Curriculum
ISBN: PB: 9781783207398, Intellect, February 2018
260 pp., 17.8x22.9 cm
"Drama-based Pedagogy" examines the mutually beneficial relationship between drama and education, championing the versatility of drama-based teaching and learning designed in conjunction with classroom curricula. Written by seasoned educators and bas...
PB: £53,50
Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art and Science
ISBN: HB: 9781783208104, Intellect, February 2018
280 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm, 40 colour plates, 100 halftones
In recent history, the arts and sciences have often been considered opposing fields of study, but a growing trend in drawing research is beginning to bridge this divide. Gemma Anderson's "Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art and Science" introduces tes...
HB: £74,00
Film Studies in China Selected Writings from Contemporary Cinema
ISBN: HB: 9781783208265, Intellect, February 2018
155 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm
Film Studies in China is a collection of selected articles chosen from issues of the journal Contemporary Cinema published throughout the year and translated for an English-speaking audience. As one of the most prestigious academic film studies journ...
HB: £135,00
One Hundred Years of Futurism Aesthetics, Politics and Performance
ISBN: HB: 9781783208425, Intellect, February 2018
310 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm, 32 colour plates
More than one hundred years after Futurism exploded onto the European stage with its unique brand of art and literature, there is a need to reassess the whole movement, from its Italian roots to its international ramifications. In wide-ranging essays...
HB: £74,00
Building Successful and Sustainable Film and Television Businesses A Cross-National Perspective
ISBN: PB: 9781783208203, Intellect, December 2017
300 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm, 15 tables, 1 chart
This edited collection focuses on successful small and medium-sized film and television companies in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The contributors explore case studies of businesses that have prospered over a period of at...
PB: £36,00
Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960-2000
ISBN: HB: 9781783208296, Intellect, December 2017
300 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm, 16 colour plates, 54 halftones
"The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960-2000" combines digital cartography with close readings of representative films from 1960 to 2000. Christian B. Long offers a unique history of twentieth century Hollywood narrative cinema, one that is...
HB: £70,00
Performing Exile Foreign Bodies
ISBN: HB: 9781783208173, Intellect, December 2017
264 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm, 33 halftones
Bringing together a range of perspectives to examine the full impact of political, socio-economic, or psychological experiences of exile, "Performing Exile" presents an inclusive mix of voices from varied cultural and geographic affiliations. The col...
HB: £74,00
Artistic Research in the Future Academy
ISBN: HB: 9781783207909, Intellect, November 2017
185 pp., 17.8x22.8 cm
The rapid growth of doctoral-level art education challenges traditional ways of thinking about academic knowledge and, yet, as Danny Butt argues in this book, the creative arts may also represent a positive blueprint for the future of the university....
HB: £72,00