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Rauschenberg Posters
ISBN: PB: 9783791383026, Prestel Publishing, March 2018
96 pp., 24x30 cm, 67 colour illus.
This book collects the complete posters of the famed artist Robert Rauschenberg, in one beautiful volume. Poster-making was well suited to Robert Rauschenberg's artistic temperament. The socially conscious artist appreciated the democratic aspects o...
PB: £27,50
2017 California-Pacific Triennial Building as Ever
ISBN: PB: 9783791356761, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
144 pp., 21.6x33 cm, 88 colour illus., 12 black&white illus.
Featuring the work of 25 artists from diverse backgrounds, this triennial addresses the topic of architecture and permanence by exploring history and preservation, the concept of home and displacement, and the influence of power, economics, and polit...
PB: £27,50
Cairo Renewing the Historic City
ISBN: HB: 9783791356419, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
304 pp., 22x28 cm, 250 colour illus.
Once a city of verdant gardens and parks, Cairo in the 1980s was severely overcrowded, economically struggling, and many of its inhabitants lived in unsanitary conditions. Historic Cairo, a World Heritage Site centered on the original Fatimid settlem...
HB: £55,00
Dara Friedman Perfect Stranger
ISBN: HB: 9783791356877, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
216 pp., 24x30.5 cm, 114 colour illus.
The book features stills from numerous works spanning more than 20 years of creative production, as well as essays on Friedman's oeuvre and an extended interview with the artist. Friedman is known for works that combine precise craftsmanship with emo...
HB: £42,50
David Diao
ISBN: HB: 9783791356174, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
308 pp., 20x27 cm, 200 colour illus.
Tracing a remarkably varied career, this monograph on the painter David Diao follows his stylistic evolution – from abstraction to genre-defying and candid self-exploration. This book accompanies the first full-scale retrospective of David Diao's en...
HB: £45,00
Deformation Professionnelle
ISBN: HB: 9783791356464, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
320 pp., 23.6x28 cm, 400 colour illus.
Born in Iran and based in Berlin, German artist Nairy Baghramian explores and reflects on formal languages of both modernism and post-minimalism. Over the past two decades, Baghramian has become known for her reflections on minimalism and her context...
HB: £40,00
Don't Puke on Your Dad A Year in the Life of a New Father
ISBN: PB: 9780992249359, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
288 pp., 12x16.8 cm, illus.
"Don't Puke On Your Dad" by Toby Morris is an illustrated book on fatherhood based on Toby's personal experience with his first son Max. In a market that is flooded with accounts of modern day motherhood, books that engage with contemporary fatherhoo...
PB: £10,00
Elements The Art of Make-up by Yasmin Heinz
ISBN: HB: 9783791383439, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
208 pp., 24x32 cm, 180 black&white illus.
One of the world's most renowned make-up artists, Yasmin Heinz works at the cutting edge of fashion. From photo shoots to runway shows and from music videos to advertising, Yasmin's expertise is in demand by photographers, designers, and celebrities...
HB: £45,00
Great Big Art History Colouring Book
ISBN: PB: 9783791372952, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
48 pp., 28.5x39.5 cm, 48 black&white illus.
Young readers will find themselves immersed in art history with this large-format coloring book that provides hours of fun with great educational opportunities along the way. Filled with imaginative drawings and sketches to color in and paint, this...
PB: £10,99
Inventory of Shimmers Objects of Intimacy in Contemporary Art
ISBN: HB: 9783791356112, Prestel Publishing, February 2018
104 pp., 20x30.5 cm, 40 colour illus.
Compiling the work of 15 international artists, this generously illustrated book provides a multi-faceted lens through which to explore ideas of affect and intimacy. Affect is an essentially indefinable, largely non-conscious quality that correlate...
HB: £27,50