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ISBN: PB: 9781944838164 Gallaudet University Press February 2018 109 pp. 15.2x22.8 cm

El Jardin Silencioso (Second Edition)

UNA Guia Para Los Padres Para Criar a Un Nino Sordo

For over 30 years, "The Silent Garden" has offered parents of deaf children the support and unbiased information needed to fully realize their children's potential. This new Spanish edition, which contains the first five chapters of the completely updated 3rd English edition, will help parents navigate the complex and unique challenges they face. Accessible, practical, and, above all, open-minded, El Jardin Silencioso educates parents quickly and thoroughly about the many conflicting points of view on what is best for their deaf children. Authors Paul W. Ogden and David H. Smith, who are both deaf, present examples and research that guide parents through often unfamiliar territory. El Jardin Silencioso covers the topics of coping mechanisms for parents, creating healthy family environments, fostering independence, and understanding the perspectives of siblings. Each topic is accompanied by real-life stories that offer further insight. Always encouraging, El Jardin Silencioso empowers parents to be the best advocates for their deaf children. Throughout, the authors emphasize that each choice is highly personal, and they stress that all deaf children have the potential to lead rich, productive, and exciting lives.

About the author

Paul W. Ogden is Professor Emeritus of Deaf Studies at California State University, Fresno.

David H. Smith is an associate professor and director of the Center on Deafness at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
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